Having a tight schedule doesn’t mean your quick sex sesh has to be less than amazing.

There are plenty of tricks to make sure your quickie is one to remember. Try these golden rules for making your quick sex sesh count.

1. Build some fuzz

The easiest way for women to orgasm is with a vibrator, according to multiple studies. So ask him to use a vibe on your clitoris before sex or while he’s behind you during the deed.

2. Staying a little dressed

Keeping some clothes on – like a skirt, your bra or even your undies – adds a sense of urgency to spontaneous sex, making it hotter.

3. Using your words

Arousal for women begins in our heads, so pregame foreplay before you get home by trading some sexts about what you’re looking forward to. Continue the sex talk in person. The more you talk and the more sounds you make, the more turned on you’ll be.

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