Samuel Ajibola is a Nigerian actor, who kicked off his acting career at the age of six.

Ajibola who started his career from the age of 6 when he featured in Opa Williams's 'Tears for Love,' recently sat with Pulse Nigeria for an interesting brief chat.

In the exclusive interview, the actor who plays Spiff, spoke on some of the challenges he has faced in the industry, Nigerians embracing TV series, his most distinct character so far, among other interesting topics.

Read excerpts;

On similarities between Ajibola and Spiff;

"As an actor, I have learnt to never let my personal self affect my character. So whichever job I’m supposed to do, I always create the character. Everybody knows Spiff is dumb, he’s always mischievous, he’s very dumb, everything that goes wrong is Spiff, and that’s different from who I am."

On most distinct character;

“Spiff of “The Johnsons. The character has been amazing, so much so that I cannot begin to tell the experiences.

Everywhere I go people are like ‘Spiff, Spiff, Africa Magic,  I love your character.” I met a woman and she was like “So you are not this stupid?” I was like “I’m not! It’s just a character.”

It’s so beautiful that Africa Magic has put up a work that everybody seems to love, and I’m so proud to be a part of it.”

He holds a B.SC in Political Science from the University of Lagos and a Diploma in acting from Amaka Igwe's  Centre from Excellence in Film and Media Studies, Lagos.

Watch interview below;