The Ekiti Governor,

Vanguard reports that the villagers were protesting over the destruction of their farmland by Fulani herdsmen, and it led to a clash.

The Ekiti state Governor also called for the unconditional release of the 76 people who were reportedly arrested by the military.

Fayose said “These people must be released by whichever security agency of the federal government that is holding them because Nigerians don’t deserve to be treated like slaves in their own house.”

He said “Are they saying that those Igbo villagers do not have rights to defend their farmlands from further destruction by the Fulani herdsmen when the president who should defend them is keeping silent?”

Adding that “It has gotten to a level that lovers of peace in Nigeria must speak out on this keg of gun powder which the threat that the Fulani herdsmen has become.”

Representatives from the three major tribes in Benue state have also called on President Buhari to send the Nigerian Army to stop what they call insurgency in the state.