Spokesman of the Buhari Campaign Organisation,

Obasanjo and Babangida are retired military generals and Heads of State.

In a tweet on Sunday, June 9, 2018, Keyamo alluded that the political clout of both men is fast dwindling.

“Gone are the days when some military Generals will just sit down in a room and decide who would be the next President of Nigeria,” Keyamo announced.

“There’s no political Mecca in any Hilltop Mansion or Farm again. They cannot still deal with that fact. The political Mecca is now on the streets of Nigeria,” he declared.

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Keyamo on Third Force

Keyamo had advised Nigerians not to "waste their votes” on Third Force – a brainchild of ex-president Obasanjo.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria says the country would have collapsed if President Buhari was no elected in 2015.