In 2012, CLEEN Foundation reports 1 in every 3 respondents admitting to being a victim of domestic violence. In 2013, The CLEEN Foundation reports one in every three respondents admitting to being a victim of domestic violence. In like manner, a Lawyer was reported to have killed

Equally, a Benue woman recently stabbed her husband and poisoned her three children before killing herself. Nigeria has a deep-rooted problem and partner homicide seems on the rise. Reports recently surfaced that a lady, Better Ozige Nwabueze who was reportedly beaten to death by her boyfriend, Prince Uwabie also known as J-Boy.

Today, Linda Ikeji’s Blog reports that Rivers State Police Command exhumed the girl’s body from the middle of the one-room apartment she shared with her boyfriend, J-boy around Wimpy Junction, by Ikwerre Road in Port Harcourt, the Rivers state.

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The reports claim that J-boy is a serial woman beater, who again beat Nwabueze on on December 2, 2018, until she slumped and died. Upon seeing her body, he reportedly panicked and dug a grave in said one-room apartment and buried his girlfriend. The fight which led to this unfortunate situation was reportedly caused by J-boy’s accusation that Better was cheating on him.

Better’s brother, Eze Anyaele, also claims to have asked J-boy for his sister's whereabouts on Monday, but J-boy claimed he had any idea of her whereabouts. Prince was said to have later confessed his horrific act to his friends  who then reported to the Police.

Rivers State police command spokesperson, Nnamdi Omoni, told reporters that Better’s body has been exhumed and transferred to a morgue, from where an autopsy is expected.