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Dry Ejaculation What is a dry orgasm?

Read on for what you need to know about dry orgasm.

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What Is a dry orgasm? play

What is having an orgasm without ejaculation?


Trying to figure out what dry orgasm is? Not to worry, we've got you covered. A dry orgasm is a situation in which a man orgasms but doesn’t ejaculate.

However, there are a lot of reasons why men might experience dry orgasm like a long night of sex to side effects from medication, there are actually quite a few reasons a man’s penis might skip the grand finale of its orgasm.

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Also, men who report experiences with multiple orgasms, the amount of semen released tends to decrease with each orgasm to the point where little or no semen may be released upon later orgasms.

While some medications can cause retrograde ejaculation, an enlarged prostate or diabetes could also be the cause of dry orgasms.

Dry orgasms are not harmful and even when they result from retrograde ejaculation, the semen will just be released later during urination.

Some guys (e.g fuckboys) might, however, find relief that they don't have to worry about semen and all the side effects related to unprotected sex, like certain STIs and babies. But for the men out there interested in procreation, a dry orgasm is the exact opposite of what they’re hoping to achieve during sex.

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Having persistent dry orgasms will make it difficult for a man to reproduce. So if you and your partner are trying to get pregnant and you have dry orgasms, it’d be worth seeing a fertility specialist for treatment.

Even if fertility isn’t a concern, though, you may still want to get checked out by a doctor if this becomes a recurring issue to ensure there isn’t some underlying medical condition that needs to be treated.