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Sex + Fashion This is the most erotic modelling you’ll ever see!

They've taken sexy fashion to another level higher, and we've got the pictures to show.

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This is perhaps the most bizarre fashion photos I have ever seen. I get the point that sex with anything goes well, but ideally the buck stops at sexy which is usually making it sexy and dropping erotic innuendos here and there, but to blatantly use sex is new, atleast for me.

Here is what is happening, a fashion brand called Eckhaus Latta has done the unthinkable, to use sex outrightly to sell outfits. The campaign is to launch their spring 2017 line that involves people of all gender and race during sex things in their expensive designer outfits, reports Candice Jalili, Elite Daily.

The campaign was launched in an Instagram post. Every picture from the campaign shot by Heji Shin, directed by Eric Wrenn Office, styled by Avena Gallagher, casted by Sam Muglia, and produced by Frank Seidlit had models in different sex position.

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The Cut revealed that this isn’t the first time that Eckhaus Latta is using sex to sell expensive clothing, they have been touted as a “progressive” brand. The photographer was earlier reported by Cosmo as working on a project that involved photographing for a teen sex education book.

It’s difficult to talk about the outfits with the distracting activity going on.