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Hottest Sex Moves 7 things Nigerian women want you to do in bed

If she cannot use her words to tell you what she wants, these tips shall be your guide.

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What she wants in bed

All women love to attain optimal pleasure in the bedroom and Nigerian women are no exemption. They want to have a good time, but due to cultural restraints, it might be difficult to find a woman who will clearly state what she wants.

Two years ago, Pulse asked Nigerian women what they would like in the bedroom and why. Most women asked for these five things.

Oral sex play

Real Men Eat Pussy


1. Better Oral:

In 2014, we learned that Nigerian women are big fans of being eaten out. They want a man who is not afraid to go down on them and use his tongue to do wondrous things.

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2. Dirty Talking:

Two years ago, women wanted a man who can turn them on with his words. In the bedroom, they want to hear how hot you find them, how much you love their bodies, what you want to do with your dick, etc. Women agreed this is a huge turn on.

Sex effects play

Sex effects


3. More foreplay:

We also learned that women want a man who is dedicated to giving her the best foreplay experience. She wants him to take his time turning her on by kissing, stroking, caressing and stimulating the fun body parts.

4. Doggy style:

No, this is not just a man's fave, women do not mind the sweet feeling of their man's dick from behind. Doggy style makes her feel you deep in her sweet spots.

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5. Creativity:

Mainly, women want a man who is willing to experiment. She wants a man who is not afraid to try new positions and show her new things. She wants someone who is creative with already existing positions and who is able to wow her completely.

Has your woman's bedroom needs changed in two years? Is it time you upped your sex game? If you are still following the 2014 rules, then you might want to add these two moves to your sexual repertoire. We asked a few more women what they would like and most of them only had these two additional requests below.

sex play

Moves she expects in the bedroom


6. Taking control

In 2016, women are not afraid to take control and they will love a man who can give them that. Give her a chance to straddle you and ride you to bliss with Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl position and more.

7. Spontaneous Sex

Sure, the Nigerian woman was a fan of foreplay two years ago, but most agree that this can be overrated sometimes. The hottest thing you can do for her this year is to grab her when she does not expect it, show your desire for her by taking her and fucking her brains out until she gasps for air.

We will keep checking in with the ladies so we can continue to provide you with up-to-date sex techniques that work.