You can get a lot of benefits, be it physical or emotional, for leading an active sex life.

But there are also reasons to be a little cautious before you have more sex than what your body can handle. Below are some things that happen to your body when you have sex frequently.

1. The bond between the partners grow stronger

After the initial physical hunger is satiated, it is more about two people discovering their emotional needs because according to a study, only emotionally compatible couples enjoy having sex more than those who treat it as a mere physical need.

2. You will be more relaxed

People who have more sex have less emotional issues. They are less lonely, anxious and angry. Which means they have a better relationship with their partner because they fight less and can deal with any situation calmly. All thanks to the happy hormones which are released in our body when we have sex.

3. Sex makes you glow

If you look at it scientifically, they actually have a reason to relate glowing skin to sex—there is an increase in blood flow when we have sex and as blood rushes to our cheeks, it gives us that flushed look. Which means sex makes us look pretty.

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