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With Great Mouth Comes… Here are 5 ways you can use your mouth for greater good during sex

As you know, we're always here to help. Today is our celebrate the gifted mouth day. Here are positions that can take advantage of that particular skill.

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The mouth can do a lot, here are ways you can exploit that. play

The mouth can do a lot, here are ways you can exploit that.


The mouth can be used for a lot of things as you’ve found out by now. It can get you in trouble, out of trouble. Get you laid, and all that sort of thing. So no new information here, but during sex, there are several ways you can use your mouth to spice things up.

Armed with your mouth, here are five sex positions that will work wonderfully for you if you’re a mouth pleasure genius, according to Jill Hamilton, Cosmopolitan.

1. The ball and cup

The Cup and Ball play

The Cup and Ball



This tip is for the ladies, have him sit at the edge of the bed, where his balls are out in the open, and hanging there. Take the cap of his dick in your mouth and suck, you can tease it all around. While your mouth is on the cap of the dick. Use one of your hands to stroke his dick, get some lube in your hand then pleasure him with your hand.

The other hand that is free should be devoted to the balls, give them the attention, use the hand to cup them, and jostle them gently.

2. The mouth wash

The Mouth Wash play

The Mouth Wash



Yea, it’s what you think it is, have you partner lay down then use your mouth to give them a wash. Explore their body, from the neck to the ears, journey around their chest, lick your way all the way to their inner thigh.

When you feel it’s time, go for the private part then give them the best oral sex they’ve ever had.

3. The eargasm

The Eargasm play

The Eargasm



This works best, if he sits back then the lady straddles him, penetrates his dick while sitting on his laps. The movement should be gentle and nice. This position is great because you can kiss, and whisper all your sweet nonsense into their ears or just breathe faster into their ears.

Depending on your kind of partner, it might just be erotic that they hear your laboured breathing which indicates that the sex is good. The combination of slow, sweet sex with the mouth on the ear, whispering stuff is eargasm.

4. The All in

The All In play

The All In



This is one of the ways of giving back the same way you’re receiving. This is 69 position but you support yourselves with your knees. You can use a sex toy or fingers, whichever is more pleasurable or more importantly,available.

Giving each other pleasure at the same time is an incredible feat if you can achieve it.

5. The orchestra

The Orchestra play

The Orchestra



Depending on the body of your partner, if she likes receiving oral sex and being penetrated at the same time. This one might be for you.

Let her sit on a counter or an edge, kneel in front of her orifice, while your mouth is on her pussy, use your finger to penetrate at the same time. She will be on cloud 9.