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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde The Conquest [Episode 14]

Dumebi has helped his brother Gozie get over Ella. It's Gozie's turn to help his brother also get over the family wrecker, Ella. It's time for Ella's anger to level out.

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Well I have done my good deed for an entire year, not only has Gozie completely forgotten about that Bitch Ella. He is now happily dating Adenike. Since that hot sex play they had in my living room, they have been inseparable and I hate to admit it but I am actually jealous of the son-of-a-bitch.

How come he gets happiness? And the one thing that gives me happiness and satisfaction is slowly becoming my freaking undoing!

Ada, remember her? Well, she has been MIA for a long time, I had just recently found out that she has a boyfriend now, like I give two fucks what she has.

She came when I called and she sucked me off till we both almost cried, that is the thing I always loved about Ada, she never asked for anything in return when I fucked her, she never plagued me with unnecessary love drama and she didn’t make it her business to be in my business.

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She was perfect but after sucking me off she made it clear that that was the last time it would ever happen, screw her, still, conveniently I had arranged with my boss’s wife to see her later that week.

Since she was already pregnant, she was ready to let me cum inside her and I couldn’t fucking wait! She wanted us to meet at 8pm because her husband would have been well out of the country by then, 8pm couldn’t come fast enough, my balls were aching with the thought of what was in store.

Would she cause my dick to go flaccid again with her confessions or would she just let me fuck her into the sunset? I needed this, I needed the escape, I fucking needed to think about someone else. When I walked into the hotel room, she grabbed me before I could look at her properly and how far along she was, but I did see that she wore the skimpiest see through lingerie I have ever seen.

This type of stuff was reserved only for people’s husbands like what the fuck?! Even with a fat belly this woman was still so fucking gorgeous!

Her 36DD breasts standing firm, nipples erect and pointing straight out from her 3 inch dark areolas all totally visible through her lace skimpy top. Then I looked down and saw an all but totally shaved pussy, leaving a narrow strip above her slit like an arrow pointing to her sex hole as if to say “enter here” damn!

“I am so happy you showed up” she said throwing her arms around my neck.

I smile half-heartedly not even in the mood for anymore confessions. She shoved her lips to mine and then thrust her tongue into my mouth, swishing it around looping hers around mine as we kissed. I reached around and cupped both of her nice round ass cheeks in each hand, squeezing and playing with them, pulling her into my pelvis with each caressing pass.

Then I lowered my head down to her big breasts and took one of her huge nipples into my mouth through the fabric and began to slather it with my saliva. removing her top as quickly as I could I made sure my mouth wasn’t far from those swollen peaks and immediately seized them the moment they were free.

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I am sucking and biting on her nipples and she’s moaning, arching her back and thrusting her breasts out even more.

I laid her back onto the bed and with both hands on her tits massaging her globes and rolling her nipples between my fingers. I moved my face down to her waiting pussy and breathe in the scent of the dripping wet tightness. I pressed my mouth to her tight hole and suck her juices through the wet fabric.

She’s gotten so wet and vocal now while I am sucking on her clit and kissing her sex hole deeply. I pulled off the lacy bottoms, almost tearing them while she lifted her ass to allow them to be removed from her trembling body. I continue to drive my tongue into her wetness, licking the sweet nectar, tasting it and loving it. I moved to her clit and sucking on the throbbing organ, with every suck and flick she raises her pelvis to my mouth as she groaned with each touch.

My right hand comes down to her wet hole and I slide two fingers into her as fast as I could reach and I feel her rough and growing G-spot. Working on her G-spot, she starts to convulse and shake out of control as she goes over the edge of her first and many orgasms that night, as she starts to squirt her clear liquid from her cunt I pressed my mouth to her slit in attempt to catch it all.

So much of her juices coming out of her cunt at once that I can’t keep up and it’s running down my chin and the crack of her ass is soaking the sheets under her, she goes rigid and then continues to jerk in rhythmic convulsions almost screaming out loud in a pleasurable climax.  Who knew she could squirt and scream like that? she was insatiable and soon after this wanted to fuck me at all cost, who was I to disagree?

She rode me like a fucking whore, I had to let her have top that time at her request, she drove down on me so hard, I felt the bottom with every thrust, and we both came in no time at all.


“Hello?” I said into the phone, I had been roused awake from a fitful sleep with continuous phone calls.

“Madam Emmanuella” the voice said. It sounded so familiar and yet so distant, so different.

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“Yes Gozie, how did you get this number?” I asked sighing, my ex who must completely hate my guts by now.

“It was hard to find but you know how persistent I am” he responded coldly with a tint of pride in his voice, I sighed again.

“What do you want?” I said wishing I could just hang up but a great part of me was still so guilty about walking out on him, fucking his brother not long after then ratting his brother out to him in revenge. Yes, I admit this was wrong but there’s nothing I can do now, both brothers are likely to shoot me on sight.

“For me? Absolutely nothing, for my brother, everything.” He answered, his voice as cold as ice now, I literally shivered in my bed. This was the last thing I expected to hear.

“What? What do you mean?” I said carefully

“I need you to fucking free my brother from your hold, he has been miserable since you left just like you left me and I think he needs closure” Gozie said unfeelingly. My heart began to race fast

“He said that?” I said a tinge of hope in my voice

“Don’t be daft, you know Dumebi as well as I do, he would never admit he feels anything” Gozie said. Ouch! I understood his hurt and his anger, it was still there or did I mistake it for hatred. Either way, I deserved it but I couldn’t forgive myself for making a fool of myself with Dumebi. I knew he would never love me yet I wanted to guilt him into doing so.

“So, what exactly do you want me to do?” I said clearing my throat.

“Hian! Why are you asking me? You’re a first class graduate of law, which means you’re smart and manipulative, figure it out and don’t waste our time. The sooner we are all rid of you, the better” He gritted out

“Oh and I am very happy by the way, you probably thought I would be pining after you all these months, well I have more than moved on” He laughs mirthlessly

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“You should see him” He added and hung up. I stared at the phone for what seemed like hours, all the sleep that wasn’t there before completely gone. I tossed the phone aside and leaned back on my bed, just then my stomach rumbled and I remembered I hadn’t had dinner.

I hardly ate within the confines of this house, I was afraid I wouldn’t wake up the next day if I let my guard down. The kitchen was dark and empty and smelled ridiculously of garlic, the things these people did with it ehn? So that I wouldn’t choke from the strong smell, I opened the large windows and the large French doors. It was quite chilly out and instantly my nipples hardened from the cool breeze that brushed against my skin.

I thought if Dumebi then and likened the soft caress of the night winds to his wet tongue travelling all over my body making me shiver and tremble.

“Do you normally walk around the house in your underwear Madame?” a deep voice said in the shadows. I turned around quickly to see that bodyguard I fucked a while ago lean away from the wall, a sinister grin on his face.

He was taller than I remembered but that did not explain what he was doing here.

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