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Erotic Story/Minxie B Lily and the senator's endowed houseboy

Lily has to attend a family friend's party against her wishes, arriving there, she found a really good looking and packing houseboy who she seduces.

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"But mom, why do I have to go" I lamented over the phone to my mum

"Can't you just call and congratulate her on the phone like everyone else" I asked

My mum's best friend's husband won a senatorial election and was throwing a small party for family and friends and my mum is insisting I attend

"Why do I have to sleep over, I can drive back" I said

Over the phone my mum made a point that her friend’s son who is studying in London might be coming back, it all made sense I just don't understand my mum's need for match making especially since she's really bad at it.

My mum's friend’s son was the most antisocial person I know when we would go visit growing up, he would always be in his room and if eventually he gets forced out and his game boy confiscated he would still sit in a corner away from everybody, and I highly doubt he has simply changed by some divine intervention.

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I hung up the phone and slumped into bed, it's going to be a long day of fake smiling and extreme politeness especially since mum kept hammering on the issue of being polite like I was 16 again, I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed to ransack my wardrobe, I needed to pick out something that was sexy and conservative at the same time.

I decided on a jumpsuit with big trousers that looks like I’m wearing a gown except I move, it had the back cut out so one could show off some skin, I arranged other things I needed into one of my biggest hand bag and headed out.

Aunty Yemisi’s house was about 40 minutes away, a neighborhood just after Yanya,I drove through traffic sent from hell, and by the time I got there I was super angry.

I got let into the really huge compound and got questioned by the policemen as regarding to my identity, I found somewhere to park, I muttered all my strength to put on a smile, I rang the doorbell twice and the door swung open, I don't know what happened to my face but I totally lost control of it, I must have had my mouth open

"Good afternoon ma" The weirdly gorgeous looking young man said

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"Dubem! Who's at the door" I heard Aunty Yemisi’s voice from a distance in the house as footsteps followed

She got to the door and literally shrieked, I had always thought she has a very girlish voice, she hugged me tight talking super fast, she made a joke about how thicker I was getting and talked about how it's a shame seyi decided not to get on a plane, shocker!  She lead me through the house handing my bag to the gorgeous houseboy.

She talked really fast making me wonder how my mum keeps up with her, the kitchen looked busy with helps trooping in and out, we sat down and soon dubem brought over a glass and juice and poured me some

"My dear, I’m sorry about what happened with your engagement" She started making me wish my juice would turn to wine

"Don't worry eh, the Lord would do it for you, just keeping praying dear" She said

Where is a water to wine miracle when you need one, I gave her a fake smile with my usual speech I prepared for this particular situation, I told her my head was hurting and needed to nap before the party which was actually the truth, she sent me to my room and for a minute when I sunk into the mattress I wished this was my actual room.

I got naked and took a quick shower, they had robes and I drapped myself in one, as I was about to lay down there was a knock on the door making me almost scream out

"What now? "

I opened the door and gorgeous Dubem was standing there, the boy just needed a nice haircut, shave and change of clothes and boom! He could be walking a runway

"Madam say make I bring you panadol" he said trying to not look at my open cleavage

"Go drop am for table" I said

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He went inside and I watched him, I closed the door and headed towards him

"Dubem right" I said

"Yes ma" he said

"My leg dey pain me, come help me press am" I said climbing into bed.

I could tell he was hesitating so I pulled up the robe up to my knees, after a while, he sat beside me and started pressing my calves, his hands felt really strong, I pulled up my robe to cover only my ass and I could feel his hands shake a little, he massaged try not to touch my upper thigh.

I couldn't wait for it to play out before he gets missed, I sat up and went straight for his knickers, he swallowed hard but didn't try to push me away, I quickly pulled down his trouser and like I had hoped he was packing, not too big but big enough.

I lifted the robe to my waist and climbed into bed on all fours, I spread my ass to expose my pussy and he moved slowly to where I was

"Dubem sharp sharp" I almost yelled at him

He brought his dick to my pussy and slowly pushed in, I pushed back into him taking his whole dick, I started to move back into and his hands came to grab my ass, he started to move but not fast enough so I bucked back into him faster, he soon caught up and we moved fast with an erratic rhythm.

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I reached around and rubbed my clit as we moved faster, I closed my eyes and bucked into him harder, I cried out and came hard his dick made slushy noises as he slammed into me

Then there was a knock on the door, we disengaged quickly with him stumbling and falling on the ground, he wore his trouser quickly and I went to open the door to Aunty Yemisi as she questioned me about hoarding him.

"Was I hoarding, Dubem? I need a footrub hope that's okay" I said trying not to talk too fast, she stared for a second

"It's alright, he is  just needed in the kitchen" She said and she left

He quickly walked out looking guilty as hell.

I closed the door and laughed my head off