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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde Dangerous Addiction [Episode 12]

Ifechi again has ran away from the house, away from Ogochukwu, Derah and Ifueko. Ogochukwu wants her to stop shagging Derah, his friend.

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Ifueko had left more messages and Ogo many threats, the one that caught my eye was

“Did you think I would not honestly know where you’d hide? Ogo knows too” from Ifueko. I shrugged unperturbed, one word from me and Ifueko would never be able to enter the ground again.

This would be my fortress, but I think I would die if I was stuck here with my mother for the rest of my life, I might die first if I couldn’t have Ogo’s big hard cock and Ifueko’s tongue all over me again.

I fell asleep with these thoughts but before long, I felt soft hands slowly caressing my butt cheeks. It felt like a dream so I sighed and snuggled in, maybe I felt Ifueko’s hands because I was just thinking of her.

Soon after, the hands travelled all the way to my front where it placed itself strategically at the V and began to rub, playing with the soft curls that nestled there.

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I sighed again and shifted to get comfortable until I realised that I really wasn’t alone, my eyes flung open and my nose registered Ifueko’s familiar scent, her Lancome’s La vie est Belle. I held the wrist of the hand that played with my pubes lazily,

“Ifueko what the HELL are you doing in my house?” I muttered as cold as I possibly could. She reached closer and nuzzled the back of my neck

“This is my house too Ifechi, I practically grew up here” she murmured biting the skin at the base of my neck. she pulled her hand from my grasp and let it travel up my stomach to my perked breast where she palmed then rubbed my taut nipple.

“I see they’re happy to see me, unlike you” she said in that demure tone of hers that usually made me so wet, but I wasn’t having it this time.

“Get out of here please Ifueko, don’t you have a certain employer’s bed to go and warm?”

“hmmm” was her only response and it infuriated me, it took a lot to ruffle her feathers and I hadn’t even scratched the surface.

“You have no reason to be mad at me Ifechi” she said coolly, coming closer and putting her arm around me, she squeezed my breasts softly again this time using her arm to hold me down while she fondled my nipples the way she knew I loved. A moan escaped my lips then, I cringed inwardly

“See, you can’t resist me even if you tried” She whispered, her warm breath on my ears and skin making me shiver with want, she licked my ear then traced her tongue all over it before sucking gently on my earlobe all the while palming my breast and rubbing hers against my back.

Her hands came down my front and parted my thighs slightly

“I love it when you leave a little hair there” she said indicating the top half of my pubes, she fiddled with the hair then traced the finger slowly down till she reached my pearl where she rubbed slowly, with the other hand that was under me she reached and began to palm my breasts again drawing a shudder from me.

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“You like that baby?” She murmured, I sighed and gasped as the lone finger continued to rub vigorously, I didn’t realise when my waist began to whine with the finger as another joined it, she travelled further down rubbing faster now, licking my ears and palming my breasts all at the same bloody time! I shamelessly began to moan forgetting why I was so mad at her, my arm came up to hold on to her head, then I turned my face towards her lips and captured them with mine.

The kiss began slow but as the mounting tension in our bodies rose the kiss got deeper and hungrier, and she was on top of me in a flash. She looked down at me and by the faint lights coming in through the curtains, I could see she was smiling that her gorgeous, lazy smile.

“Why did you leave Ifechi?” she said tilting her head to one side as she was wont to do whenever she needed a serious response. My smile disappeared and I closed my eyes in slight frustration, she had gotten me deeply aroused, and all I wanted was to have her tongue eat me out and make me scream. I did NOT want to admit to her right now that I was jealous of her and Ogochukwu and that I needed him to love me back.

“Nothing, I needed to focus on work” I murmured.

“Hmmm, but you see, you didn’t go to work. I checked and you haven’t been there for the last couple of days” She said in that calm tone that sometimes creeps me out, she bent low and licked my neck slowly sending shivers up my spine, from there her tongue moved to my ear lobes where it dug and sucked and licked before biting.

She breathed on my ears, then neck before trailing her tongue down to my taut, waiting nipples. She then held onto both breasts as she suckled on each one, one after the other making me squirm with intense need. 

“What is going on?” she asked mid-suck,

“I know you can be petulant and spoiled but you need to stop running every time you are displeased with something, Ogo wants a real woman not a child” I wasn’t going to tell her how I felt, I had never held anything back from her before but now my trust for her had waned especially since she fucked the guy I was in love with on a daily basis.

Instead I said

“I suppose that’s good he wants a real woman, he has you to fuck him whenever, wherever doesn’t he?” She bit on my nipple at that, I didn’t mean for it to sound the way it did but I couldn’t take the edge away from my voice. She stopped sucking my nipple with a pop! Then looked up at me, I could see she was searching my eyes because she had that tiny crease on her forehead.

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I closed my eyes to keep her away

“Oh my gosh Ifechi! You’re in love with him!!” she nearly squealed, I didn’t understand wasn’t she supposed to be mad and angry?

“I… I… didn’t say that” I replied weakly choking on my words. She bent down and resumed sucking my breasts

“Baby, you don’t have to, it’s all over you” she said when she came back up for air.

“You forget I know you far more than you know yourself” she said as she her fingers found my pearl and rubbed.

“Look, I am not in love with him Ifechi, I know you think I am. I love and appreciate him for all he has done for me and whenever he wants it I give him my body, I enjoy him immensely and he enjoys me too.

I wish you could understand” she said and came up suddenly and kissed me deeply, we began to moan in each other’s mouths lost in the kiss, we both found each other’s pussy, the kiss deepened as our hands vigorously tried to pleasure each other.

She broke away to look at me and we kept eye contact as we ravaged each other, my mouth slightly open and her biting her bottom lip.

“You MUST stop fucking Derah, Ifechi, it is pissing me off and Ogochukwu might lose his mind if he finds out what happened that day” she held my gaze as she entered my pussy with two fingers.

“What, while you keep fucking Ogo?” I said, barely a whisper as I was nearing orgasm

“Baby, I have no choice” she replied in one breath, her mouth opened wide and she tossed her head back as she neared her own orgasm, her body trembling hard. I shrugged in response and dove in harder, her waist wound and wound as I dug in deeper.

Her moans got louder as she came, all over my hand, I was not far behind and soon after I came too, she collapsed on top of me, licking her fingers and I licked mine.

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She always tasted so good, she put her arm over my breast and turned my face to hers, her mouth was swollen and wet on mine from all the biting, the kiss was lazy and slow, the same hand went to my nipple and played with them as we kissed, I wanted her again, I also wanted Ogo and Derah to fuck me while Ifueko kissed me sensually the way she was doing. Lord help me!

“I hope I have made myself perfectly clear Ifechi” Ifueko said as she buttoned up her blouse, I lay naked on my bed my legs wide open, fiddling with the hairs down below. It was 5am in the morning and Ifueko needed to be dressed and at her office by 8am. Ogochukwu may not have morals but he was a damn good businessman and professional.

There was NO slacking in his company allowed.

“Clear about what Ifueko?” I said feigning innocence, I licked my finger slowly keeping eye contact with her, I knew she loved watching me do that and I watched in amusement as her eyes turned to steel. She was not playing around – too bad I didn’t care.

I stood up and approached her, my full breasts swinging deliberately, my hard nipples pointing in her direction.

I stopped when my face was inches from hers. I grabbed her head and kissed her full and hard, rubbing my naked breasts against her covered ones. I squeezed her ass with both hands too as I kissed her, she eventually kissed me back, wrapping her arms around my neck, she then bit my lip and I pulled back

“Ouch! What was that for?” I said

“Promise me you will stay faithful, that is all Ogo asks” she said, I looked at her lips longingly then grabbed her hand placing it at my already wet pussy then rubbing it with the same hand. I closed my eyes and savoured the feeling before responding,

“Promise to stop fucking him first, you guys can’t expect me to sit around and not ENJOY my life while you guys enjoy yours” I said dropping her hand suddenly, opening my eyes I could see the pool of lust clouding her eyes and her nipples on those beautiful breasts of hers threatening to slice through her blouse.

I stepped back

“I believe you have an office to get to my love” I said and turned her back on her, she huffed then gathered her things while I lay on the bed, my legs open and my fingers rubbing my clit vigorously.

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When she was done, she gave me one last disgusted look before she slammed the door, I rubbed harder, moaning slightly as I brought myself to another orgasm.

When I was done, I smiled as I licked my fingers dry – if Ifueko didn’t know how I felt before, she did now and I was loving it.