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Vagina 3 weird things you’ve probably thought about your vulva

What other weird things have you thought about your vagina?

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3 weird things you’ve probably thought about your vulva play



We are sure you have thought about some interesting things about your vagina.

Our vaginas might be parts of our bodies, but sometimes it takes living with them for a lot of years before we begin to understand them. Just when we begin to get familiar with them, we will realize that there’s still a lot to discover.

However, there’s nothing wrong with opening up your legs and taking a look down there to discover what you like and don’t like. Below are some things you think about your vulva.

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1. That you pee out of your clitoris

It's not like you were trained to look down there when you were peeing. Therefore, you probably assumed that you peed from your clitoris since it seemed like a logical spot for pee to come out of. And so did a lot of other people.

2. You had a mini penis

When you were learning about human bodies when you were little, did you get the idea that your vag was basically just a tiny version of a peen with some extra layers to protect it?

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3. That discharge meant something was wrong with you

If you saw something come out of your vagina besides pee, you were probably understandably worried. Especially seeing blood for the first time down there. Foreign fluids tend to make people think that something is wrong. Of course, the wrong kind of discharge can indicate a problem, but a lot of the time, it's normal. After all, discharge is our vaginas' way of cleaning themselves.