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Sex Marathon 3 unique positions to try all day

Try these new positions for your marathon sex today!

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3 unique positions to try all day play

Marathon sex with these positions means extreme fun


If having marathon sex has always been on your sexual bucket list, then you should try it today.

For that erotic marathon sex, you need these few things - a lot of free time, lots of energy, lots of lubrication and if need be, you can get some booze and water.

Below are 3 awesome positions to try all day.

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1. Roomathon

3 unique positions to try all day play



You do it in every room of the house because it's going to be a long day.  Start by finding a piece of furniture in each room and then he bends you over and takes you from behind. When someone's just about to finish, move yourselves to another room and also take breaks to gather more energy.

2. The spooning Interludes

3 unique positions to try all day play

The spooning interludes


Sleep in the spooning position with him still hard inside you and his hand cupping you. He will definitely go soft and slip out, you'll shift positions and such, but whenever you wake up in the night, reach over and give each other a few slow strokes or share a lazy thrust or two.

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3. Soul squeeze gazer

3 unique positions to try all day play

Soul squeeze gazer


Having marathon is all about the slow burn, turning it up and finding positions that are arousing but not too stimulating. But the usual issue with seated positions is that they are hard to get much thrusting happening which is a good thing when you're marathoning.