Kanye West has released his highly anticipated album Ye.

Following a live streamed listening session and a well planned build up, Ye is now out and available on all streaming sites.

The album is already trending and generating a frenzy across social media.

Here are five things from the new album Ye

1. The art- cover

It shows a mountain range in Wyoming - the location of West's album party - and the words "I hate being Bi-Polar it's awesome" in neon green handwriting.

In May, West had previously claimed the album cover would feature the image of Jan Adams, the plastic surgeon who operated on his mother before her sudden death in November 2007, but his request got declined and the rapper had to improvise at the last minute, as his wife Kim Kardashian, tweeted: "Kanye shot the album cover on his iPhone on the way to the album listening party."

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2. Guests on the LP

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Despite being a seven track project, Kanye housed a number of his colleagues that include the likes of Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla $ign, Kid Cudi, Jeremih, and more.

3. Album References

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Kanye West has always been known for calling out names and referencing events with his lyrics and it is no different on Ye as across the record, Kanye references Russell Simmons, Wiz Khalifa, North Korea, #MeToo, Stormy Daniels and much more.

4 Yemarks the second of five promised projects from Kanye West.

Weeks ago, Kanye West took to twitter where he promised his fans five projects from affiliate artists all solely produced by him and Ye is the second offering in fulfilling the promise.

Following Pusha T's Daytona which was released last Friday, with his collaboration album with Kid Cudi, Kids See Ghost scheduled for next week.

Teyana Taylor's album is due on June 22, 2018.

5. The album features just seven songs

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Kanye West has also stated that every of the five album announced on his timeline will contain just seven songs, in what looks more like an EP wearing a new name.

But that is the trend he has kick-started and on Ye, the seven tracks are ''I thought about killing you'', Yikes, All Mine, Wouldn't Leave, No Mistakes, Ghost Town and Violent Crimes.