Its just mid-2018 and Mercy Aigbe has already been in the news for a number of reasons which we find very interesting.

We all know how influential the Yoruba Nollywood actress is and how every move she makes is scrutinized by the media. However, it is obvious that the actress doesn't really care that's why she has been of special interest by everyone especially the media.

We are going to be looking at five times so far, the beautiful actress has made headlines and how she's been doing it.

1. The birthday party

One thing is to be a celebrity and another thing is to be born on the 1st day of the year and that is the case of our darling Mercy Aigbe. She turned 40 on the 1st of January 2018 and threw a very lavish party to celebrate the day. The party saw in attendance a number of A-list celebrities who came to show her and her family so much, love.

One of the highlights of the birthday that broke the Internet was when former celebrity couple, Saheed Balogun and Fathia Balogun took to the dance floor together and danced to the admiration of the guest. It didn't end there as the actor sprayed money on his ex-wife, Fathia who was thrilled by the gesture.

2. The now famous red dress

This was actually one of the biggest stories that kicked of the year with Mercy Aigbe caught in the web of the now famous red dress. It would be recalled that Mercy Aigbe broke the Internet when she posted pictures of her on a red dress for her pre-birthday photo shoot but was called out by a certain lady, @RettyPety who claimed to be the original owner of the dress.

After the back and forth about the exact ownership of the outfit, Mercy Aigbe who couldn't believe she was the center of so much drama .

3. The unending fight between her estranged husband and herself

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2017 was filled with the drama surrounding the abrupt separation between Mercy Aigbe and her now estranged husband and businessman, Lanre Gentry. However, when we thought the drama would subside or seize to exist in 2018, we were disappointed as they continued to call each other out.

Mercy Aigbe and Lanre Gentry have taken it upon themselves to shade each other practically every month since the year started from Lanre Gentry saying poverty is better than a bad wife to Mercy calling him a sperm donor.

4. The fight with Toyin Aimakhu

Now nobody saw this coming as we all thought Mercy Aigbe had a very cordial relationship with Toyin Aimakhu. We all woke up to a message on Instagram where Toyin Aimakhucalled out Mercy Aigbe for being one of the reasons her marriage to Adeniyi Johnson crashed!

Yep, guys, we were all shocked and even though Mercy Aigbe didn't reply Toyin, the news was a major story that trended for over a week with a lot of people wondering what role did Mercy Aigbe play in the collapse of Toyin Aimakhu's marriage.

5. The newly acquired mansion

Since the beginning of the year, we've seen a number of celebrities buy houses and some dedicate these properties too. But we didn't know Mercy Aigbe was going to join the list of house owners.

Well, the mother of two broke the Internet in June 2018 when she announced via her Instagram page that she had bought for her kids and herself a mansion. Guys this is one beautiful house and the story behind the purchase of the house is quite interesting.