Sahara Reporters publisher and presidential aspirant for the 2019 election,

He said Kwara State, where Saraki hails from, will be liberated once the number three citizen has been taken out of the picture.

Sowore stated this on Friday, May 25, while speaking about godfatherism in Nigerian politics at a town hall meeting in Ilorin, Kwara capital.

He said Saraki has turned himself into a "demigod" in the state, adding that he would rid Kwara and Nigeria as a whole of godfatherism if voted into power in 2019.

Sowore said, "We will ensure that Kwara state is liberated from the hand of political godfather who can’t build good roads, schools and infrastructures.

"I remember last year, this was the same political godfather, Bukola Saraki, that seized our money, that was meant for the SaharaReporters Civic Media Lab, and brought it to Kwara state.

"This same Saraki went to the court to stop us and sent thugs to beat us after bragging he has all the Judges in Kwara state in his pocket.

"Let me use this opportunity to tell him that the money he seized from us would be refunded soon and will be paid with interest while he goes to jail."

He reiterated that the Buhari administration has failed Nigeria and its people and "should be kicked out".

"By next year, we are taking back this country from the hands of the old guards and we would ensure we set its feet on the path of progress," the publisher said.

"Then, it will no longer be sai Baba but sai Bobo because the country would not be left again in the hands of untrustworthy elders and leaders who have taken us back.

"We are tired of the old people in all the regions of the country mostly the ones who still think in analogue ways and have nothing to offer us."

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Sowore is galvanising diverse interest  to actualise his presidential ambition.

He had promised to pay Nigerian workers 100,000 as minimum wage and National Youth Corps members N50,000 if voted into office in 2019.