The Comptroller-general of the Nigeria Customs Service,

The commissioning, which took place on Friday, October 27, 2017 in Abuja, saw the Customs boss urging members of the support group to draw the battle line ahead of 2017

The customs CG said the Buhari administration ought to not have allowed PDP members to call the shots.

“I will, therefore, ask my colleagues of the BSO to go back to the study room. This is a commission, but it is also the beginning of the fight for good governance. We must get back to the trenches, draw our own battle plan and battle line.

“I enjoin you that the same commitment we had in 2015, I employ you to bear with us and commit yourself to a better future for Nigeria. We will be calling on you from now on and we will be working day and night.

“We must do so because we want to save our name and the name of the president for what he is doing,” he said.

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Earlier in the year, Ali had a face-off with the senate over appearance in Customs uniform.

Not known for making political statements, the commissioning of the support organisation for President Buhari ahead of 2019 might have just brought out the political side of the ex-Colonel.