Presidential candidate, Eunice Atuejide, has disclosed that if she loses the 2019 presidential election, she plans to contest for the presidency every four years until she becomes victorious.

The 39-year-old was elected the flag bearer of the National Interest Party (NIP)during the party's national convention in Abuja on August 20, 2018.

During an interview with Pulse, she revealed that she won't be deterred by failure to win the presidency at the polls next year and will keep contesting every election cycle until she becomes victorious.

She said, "I have already bought nomination form for 2023 just in case 2019 does not work. NIP, they know. I've told them; till I die, every four years, I'm coming back, so you people get ready. I don't know who's challenging me; I don't know how they'll prepare, but from today, I'm already preparing for 2023.

"I'm 39, by the time I'm 79, I'm still contesting in case I've not won. I will rule Nigeria. When it comes, when it'll be, I have no control, but for the rest of my life, I'll keep preparing.

"Every four years, I'll come and present what I've prepared. If you people refuse me, no problem; I'll go and prepare more and I'll come back, 'Okay now this is all the things I've done in addition to what I did four years ago'. If you refuse, I'll go again and prepare some more. Till I die, every four years, you'll see me."

The lawyer also disclosed that she'll always contest on the platform of the NIP because the party, registered in 2017, is committed to providing Nigeria with the sort of quality leadership it deserves.

"It'll always be NIP because I do believe we're on the right track in terms of providing the correct kind of government in Nigeria," she said.

We need to get rid of Buhari - Atuejide

Atuejide told Pulse she decided to run for president because of the series of poor leadership that has plunged Nigeria into disarray. She said President Muhammadu Buhari has failed to provide quality leadership and must not be allowed to win re-election at next year's polls.

She accused the president of being too focused on the past and his perceived political enemies that he's not attending properly to the business of the country.

She said, "His most prominent failure is everything. Security, he failed; education, he failed. Buhari has not done anything right, he should go.

"Buhari has not done anything right as far as I'm concerned other than making sure the establishment are also suffering the pains that people are suffering and we do need to get rid of him. He doesn't have any vision for Nigeria.

"You've seen him go all over the world and it has always been a big embarrassment for us each time he opens his mouth anywhere in the world. No policies, no ideas of where he wants to take Nigeria and Nigerians to.

"That's the first job of a leader - show us that dream and we'll follow you there gladly because we can see what you're seeing. Buhari is seeing nothing.

"All he's seeing is the people that messed him up in 1983 and he's doing vendetta for them and is calling it corruption fighting. All those things that are in the past, that's what he's seeing. He's not seeing the future.

"He still calls Germany West Germany, East Germany; he still says things like women belong in the other room.

"Every time Buhari opens his mouth, rubbish falls out of it so why do we want to even consider putting him there again? If he was even responsible, he won't even be contesting.

"Why is he contesting to go there and still spend three more years abroad treating yourself. We don't need it. We don't need a Buhari in government."

CUPP can defeat Buhari - Atuejide

Atuejide also stressed that the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) is strong enough to oust Buhari if it stays together. The coalition was formed when dozens of political parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and agreed to back a consensus presidential candidate to oust Buhari.

The 39-year-old aspirant said the coalition will displace Buhari in 2019 if the People's Democratic Party (PDP) stays true to its agreement.

She said, "I do hope that the CUPP stays together because PDP alone cannot remove Buhari. I don't believe PDP alone can remove Buhari, but I do believe that the CUPP staying together will remove Buhari.

"If PDP does it alone and they go away, there's a risk we'll have Buhari for another four years. But as long as the CUPP keeps it together and PDP stays with the CUPP throughout this whole thing, they know that the CUPP weakens them, but they need to be that weak in order to give Nigeria a  better government in 2019.

"If they refuse to stay with the CUPP and try their luck, I believe that Buhari will be president again in 2019 and that scares me. That's why I'm working so hard to make sure that the CUPP stays together."

According to the coalition's agreement, a unity government will be formed by all the parties involved if Buhari's ruling All Progressives' Congress (APC) is defeated next year.