Kogi State governor,

The governor made the comments while speaking to journalists in Lokoja on the state of the nation.

“Nigeria would have become a failed state if Buhari didn’t emerge as the President of Nigeria,” Bello said.

“Before 2015, insurgents were already capturing the Northeast, hoisting their flags in many local government areas in Borno. They killed many of our compatriots and our gallant soldiers, burnt mosques and churches as well as kidnapped many of our students, children and women.

“Boko Haram is a sad page in our history. We can’t also forget too soon, how corruption was almost bringing our nation to her knees and our institutions were drained, abused and destroyed.

“President Buhari has virtually won the war against insurgency. Sambisa Forest witnessed unprecedented military operations to free our nation from the enemies of humanity and we are beginning to breath an air of freedom. We are also witnessing dramatic recovery from the corruption-induced recession bedeviling our nation.

“One of the benefits of having President Buhari at this time is the global respect he has. The international community helping Nigeria recover her stolen wealth because it is sure we are not collecting from a thief to give to another thief. The world believes in the integrity of the Nigerian leader.

“Politicians could be very selfish. They campaign to win elections and keep campaigning in office. I am not interested in continuing with political campaign now. I am focused on fulfilling my promise to the people of Kogi State.

“We need to pause politics and attend to the needs of our people. That is why we are improving infrastructure and agriculture in the state to reduce poverty. We are improving education and healthcare because they have direct bearing on the people. Kogi is witnessing tremendous turnaround under my watch,” he added.

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Bello also urged Nigerians to be patient with Buhari and support him as he works to bring the country out of the current recession.