Osun State heads to the ballot to choose a new governor on September 22, 2018, as Aregbesolas constitutionally-allowed two terms of eight years in office draws to a close.

The APC in Osun will hold its primary election on July 7. At the last count,  27 APC members have declared an interest to take over from Aregbesola who cites his modern classroom blocks and a slew of roads as his legacies.

"I am passionate about a worthy successor that will take it higher than we are now", Aregbesola said at a media parley when asked if he has a succession plan.

There are agitations from the West of the State that it should be allowed to produce the next governor.

Osun governors (including the incumbent) have hailed from the East and Central regions in the last two decades,  with the West continually railing against being marginalised.

Aregbesola says he will return to his wife after his time in office comes to an end in November of 2018