Transportation Minister,

Amaechi took several swipes at the Rivers' governor while reacting to several allegations made by the governor saying the Transport Minister and the Independent National Electoral Commission are conniving to upturn results of 8 LG in the Rivers Rerun election.

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In a statement by the media aide to the Minister, he said, “His resort to blackmail, threats and more violence is a clear danger to the practise of democracy, to free and fair elections in Rivers State.”

The statement read further, “You would recall that Wike has been threatening INEC and INEC officials. Before the re-run elections, he threatened INEC officials coming to conduct the elections to write their wills before coming as if they were coming to die in Rivers State.

“Sadly, an INEC ad hoc staff, a youth corper was murdered. This is a classic case of the owl crying in the night and the baby not waking up in the morning.

“He threatened INEC before the elections and an INEC official sent to conduct election was murdered on election day, what other evidence do we need to know who is responsible for the death of the INEC official?”

“Wike is loose cannon, threatening INEC with violence, fire and brimstone. This is intolerable and completely unacceptable. No democracy can survive with Wike’s kind of attitude and disposition to elections.

“Wike can’t just go on and on threatening crisis, war and more violence just because of his desperation to win elections.”

Continuing, he said, “He’s all over the place, threatening crisis, threatening INEC with fire and brimstone, for INEC to release a result that does not even exist, in the first place. You can now understand the kind of desperate fellow we are dealing with here. This must not be allowed to continue. Wike cannot hold an entire state, hostage.  He’s a clear danger and threat to the practice of democracy, and free and fair elections in Rivers State.”

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