Voters and party agents in Gwagwalada have commended the

Some of the voters, who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) lauded the new initiative of the commission for voters to cast their votes immediately after accreditation.

They said that the new system made the process smoother and faster unlike the usual practice of accrediting all the voters before commencing voting hours later.

Mr Amos Stephen, a business man who voted at the Old Kutunku 001 polling unit said that the process was the smoothest he had seen in years.

He specifically commended the INEC officials, especially the corps members for the way they handled the election.

``They were proactive, they knew what to do at every point, even when one card reader failed and when some cards were having difficulty reading, they knew what to do and when to do it.

``I really commend INEC for training them well and I thank them for comporting themselves in the most orderly manner I have seen in years,” he said.

Ibrahim Salisu, an agent for the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the chairmanship election also commended the INEC officials for ``a job well done’’.

He said that from 7 a.m. when they arrived the election was conducted ``very smoothly’’.

``We have not had any problem in this unit; the corps members are very hard working and organised.

``They did not allow themselves to be distracted or swayed by anyone, I am very impressed with their conduct and with this election,” he said.

However, Mr Johnson Usman, a party agent for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) said that the only hitch was when some men he alleged were from another political party came to share money.

He said that they had come with a bag full of money to distribute to the voters but they were shortly dispersed by men of the Police Force.

Usman stressed that the entire process remained smooth and therefore commended the INEC officials.

Meanwhile, security operatives were seen trying to disperse the crowd who had already voted from the voting area.

As at the time of filing this report at about 2:30 most of the polling stations were rounding up their election as they defied the heavy rain to complete the process.

At the University of Abuja Quarters, the INEC officials were seen in the security post at the gate trying to conclude the election at it rained heavily.

NAN reports that although all the INEC officials at the unit were drenched, they still carried on their duties with enthusiasm.

The Presiding Officer at the unit, Miss Temitope Banwo told NAN that the zeal was part of their commitment to national service.

``We swore to serve Nigeria under sun and rain, that is exactly what we are doing here and we will finish this election no matter how heavy the rain gets.

``All our materials are safe, none of them was affected by the rain,” she said