Earlier this morning, media rounds filtered through some news that a certain 20-year-old 300-level student of UNIZIK named Victor Nnachata has been arrested by the Ogun State Police Command, and doing his interrogation, he allegedly revealed something interesting; he visited a witch-doctor to become a billionaire. His hustle; money ritual or the more familiar human or blood sacrifices.

According to Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Nnachata was arrested alongside 4 other suspected ritualists with billionaire dreams; Kabiru Badmos, Nurudeen Shodaolu, Olarewaju Jimoh (a cemetery guard) and Mayewunmi Lukmon.

While UNIZIK is situated in Awka, Anambra State, one might wonder how and why Nnachata came to Abeokuta, where he was arrested. He claims that his sojourn to Abeokuta was one of need; his friend, one Gabriel who wanted to help him become a billionaire introduced him to the witch-doctor who was going to help him. So Nnachata set out to Abeokuta.

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On getting there, the witch-doctor named Badmos, who introduced him to three different types of money rituals, and asked him to pick one. Nnachata explains, “I’m into game, but the business was not doing well the way I wanted it.

“I discussed with Gabriel on how to move it forward. That was when he gave me the phone number of Badmos. When I got to Badmos’ house, I explained everything to him. He gave me three different money rituals to choose from. The first one entails swallowing a bird, and to do that, I would have to use alcohol. The second option would only work for a month, while the third option was that he would prepare soap for me.

“Badmos said that I would be using the soap to bathe every day before going to my shop.

“I decided to embark on the journey in order to grow my business and attract more customers. Most importantly, I wanted to become a billionaire through NaijaBet game.”

Badmos, however, said, “When I noticed that I needed human skull for the preparation of the charm, I contacted another herbalist who is a friend to buy it for me. The human skull was bought for N30,000. After they brought it, I grounded it with some other ingredients and added it to a black soap.”

The suspects were arrested after a cemetery guard alerted the police that they had broken a grave in order to steal a human skull. Nnachata also transferred a reported N250k to Badmus for the charms.