Earlier in 2018, Angel Exford and Michael Fehsenfeld dated for about two months until they ended the relationship in what Exford considered a really bad break-up.They had moved on with their lives when

She did some digging and discovered her ex-boyfriend was behind the fraud. You might have seen the hashtag #FraudBae on social media, this story is the subject of that infamous trend.

After infamous trends like #HurtBae and the more Nigerian, #KeepTheChangeBae, another ‘Bae’ is in the news for disheartening news. Exford has since claims she is enjoying the new following the madness has garnered her while Fehsenfeld has chosen to release a new music video to tell 'his side' of the story.

As reported by The Independent, the beautiful 29-year-old Angel Exford had unknowingly surrendered her credit card details while she was dating Michael Fehsenfeld.

While the pair were together, apparently, they were on a date when Fehsenfeld claimed he had lost his wallet and Exford innocently gave him her bank card details.

Alex Exford

Exford has since narrated the full gist of the event that unfolded in a social media thread she posted on Twitter via her account, @blessed_angell.

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The gist

In one of the tweets, she said of that night, “This is the night I believe he took my bank details. This is the last night time I saw him in person.” The pair broke up that week and Fehsenfeld proceeded to block Exford on social media.

On the said thread, posted on October 31, 2018, Alex Exford narrates that, “Aight, Boom, so this is a thread about how @michael_modern (Michael Fehsenfeld) stole my bank details and spent over £1200 of MY money to impress HIS girlfriend, including receipts. Storytime, sit tight. I have time today.

“I was a bit hesitant about exposing Michael Fehsenfeld as I didn’t want my business out like that and I just couldn’t deal with the stress of it. However, he really took the piss out of my life and disrespected me to a whole new level when I was nothing but kind to him.

“Now I’m like f**k this humble, be the better person crap. This is why people feel the need to walk all over me! I’m so over it. I wanna make sure he doesn’t do this to anyone else. Let’s start from the beginning so you can understand how I got myself into this stupid situation.

“We hung out for less than 2 months and went on a few dates. It was intense from the beginning, we got along like a house on fire. I had an inkling about some girl who lives in Bristol but had no real evidence. confronted him and he said she’s a ‘close friend’.

“My dumb a** was like. So we planned a double date with my best friend and her man. We waiting for him and he calls to tell me he lost his wallet. I had no reason to not trust him at this point and I wasn’t ready to be a third wheel lol. He told me he would pay me back if I sort him out, so I agreed.

“Anyway, that night I paid for everything, our entry, drinks, and food. The total bill came up to like £80+. This is the night I believe he took my bank details, as he did have access to my card but he gave it back to me so it was all good. To be honest, this was actually a lit night out.

“I know this whole idea was so stupid from my part, but he told me was a director of a company, he didn’t need my small money! I genuinely thought he legit lost his wallet, I would have done the same for any of my friends. This is the last night time I saw him in person.

“The day after he doesn’t mention anything about paying me back, that SAME evening he goes out and I’m watching him turn up on his Snapchat. So this is the same guy who lost his wallet with no bank card or ID this is when I knew, he is really taking me for a d**head.

“I brought up the lost wallet again and still nothing. So I thought, fuck it I’m gonna end this and take the L coz my pride is too strong to be arguing about £80 with someone who clearly doesn’t rate me. Things got weird, never mentioned the money to him, we ended it that week.

“Little did I know all of this was premeditated. He staged the lost wallet scenario so that he could get hold of my card details. He obviously planned it as the last time I saw him we were still cool, he had to gain my trust 1st. He was very convincing, I must applaud him on that.

“THE NEXT DAY, he changed his profile pic to his “close friend” picture & they went on a spa weekend away, all boo’d up on his Snapchat story. At this point, I realised I got finessed & I was probably one of many girls he used. I was mad at how naive I was but relieved I got out!

“He blocked me everywhere after that. My girls were fuming and kept telling me I should go to his girlfriend as a woman and blast him to @Oloni lol. I had to stop them from messaging her on my behalf so many times. It really wasn’t that deep for me.

“I had no desire or the energy to do either. I honestly just wanted peace, I got played by a fuckboy and charged it to the game. Tbh I was more embarrassed than anything, I just wanted to forget it ever happened. I kept it moving and got over the situation.

“About a month later I got these suspicious transactions on my bank statement, I thought that it was just some random scammer that somehow got hold of my details. I called my bank and told them, they sent me a new card and blocked my old one. This is where it gets interesting.

“I showed my friend a few days later and she was like there’s an easyjet payment on here and it has the flight reference on it. She grabbed her phone, a min later she gasps and said WTF! Listen! this bitch logged into the easyJet account with the reference number. I was shook.

“And there it all was… both Michael and his girlfriends’ full names with boarding passes, everything! They already checked in! He is taking his girlfriend to Paris on my expense, the audacity!! He even booked the hotel and tourist crap all on the same day.

“Listen!! I was shaking, like bruh! The level of PISSTOCITY that went through my veins was indescribable. I was really here questioning what I could have done to deserve this much disrespect. He really didn’t care or think I was smart enough to figure it out or report it if I did.

“That’s when we went into detective mode, I made a group chat & got my girls on this. They were more pissed than I was My friend named the group chat #Fraudbae He bragged about it on the EXACT same date the money came out my account. He also booked their hotel & the Louvre.

“I am no fraud expert or whatever but WHY WOULD YOU BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS A WHOLE MONTH IN ADVANCE?!? You must really think you are untouchable init? You didn’t even get your girl first class, she deserves better Michael! If you’re gonna do 419, do it with your chest please!

“I went on his gf’s insta (Instagram) highlights to see if I can get more evidence, you’d never guess what I found, a bouquet of flowers he sent her recently, from …drum roll… yup you got it “Prestige Flowers”. Which also matches the timeline of my bank statement. *zoom in for surprise*

“I can’t make this shit up!! He bought HIS girlfriend flowers with MY MONEY and sent it to her workplace as a surprise I was ready to message her and be like “how did you like the flowers I bought you, girl?” I bet he didn’t even include my name in that card kmt.

“The first ever transaction was “Likesforever”, we googled it and I honestly find this the funniest part as Mr popularity didn’t earn all those likes on his Instagram, if you know what I mean… *wink* if you don’t know, check out the link below…

“At least he had his priorities straight and paid his bills too, Sky subscriptions and some council and parking tickets lol. I had to play this smart, so I decided to not to confront him until I have a plan to get justice. This has now become a game of Chess not checkers.

“You know what really hit me, he knows my situation. I have no immediate family in the UK, I’m 100% dependant on myself & I have ppl who I support financially in SA. I guess this made me the perfect victim but also makes you a heartless bastard! My hard work is worth LIKES to you!

“Michael Modern lies to girls to steal their bank details to pay for other girls & LIKES. He stunts with other people’s money for his fans I’ve heard this has happened to other girls, pls be careful. Some words of wisdom from the man himself #Fraudbae #catchingfeelingsandflights.

“It wasn’t even about the money anymore, somebody needs to humble this guy… it’s principle! Whether I got the money back or not is totally irrelevant at this point. He underestimated me and insulted my intelligence, that shit can’t run. Today he has met his match!

“The police were very impressed with our investigation. Michael Fehsenfeld was arrested at Gatwick on the 5th Oct. He thought he was slick, changed his flight to a later one but we clocked & updated the police who were waiting in departures. Bless him, he was so excited as well.

“My friends went to see if they could record the action. If my girls didn’t clock what he did at customer service desk (changing the flight time), he woulda got away with it. He recognised them & started moving shock, look at his face The excitement in the group intense!

“He was locked up for over 24 hrs & confessed everything in his interview. He said he did it out of spite because of how things ended between us, and admits taking advantage of me & he has never done it before. There was no way he could lie, facts are facts. You f*** up.

“I have so many questions! How did you know how it was gonna end? I swear you took my details when we were cool You had a whole GF, why were you so triggered by this “traumatic” ending?! Do you even remember the last thing you said to me?! KMT You are only sorry you got caught.

“The case had enough evidence to go to court. Fraud on his record, suspended sentence, fine, community service. Look at it this way, I got you FREE followers now. The silver lining Ps. I spoke to his gf and they are still together, at least he found himself a ride or die cute.

“I was gonna let this slide after he got arrested as karma came through for me. Until I saw this indirect insta ()caption a day before he went to court & his little gasman in the comments pushed me to the edge. The lack of remorse is astounding. Might as well of spat in my eye!

“Shout out to my crazy friends for being so on point with this investigation. This chat was lit! I thank God for putting all of you in my life, we really went through all these emotions together!! I am so blessed We are taking on new clients after this.”

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Interestingly, the Police were very impressed by the investigations Exford had conducted and Fehsenfeld was later sentenced to a 26-week sentence suspended for two years, as well as 150 hours of supervised community service.

He also has fraud on his record while Exford got compensation. That is the story of #FraudBae

Michael Fehsenfeld drops news video

They say when life gives you grapes... Interestingly, it is a viral world where people have taken some crazy ways to get fame. Kim Kardashian built an empire of a sex tape, Danielle Bregoli A.K.A. Bhad Bhabie became an overnight social media sensation off her 'Cash me ousside, howbowdah' antics on Dr. Phil.

In the same vein, Michael Dapaah became a viral rapper off his comical hit single, "Mans Not Hot" in 2017, under his rap persona, Big Shaq. Same can be said of Speed Darlington, Igwe Tupac (Charles Okocha) and his hypeman, Princess Vitarrah and Vic-o.

This time Michael Fehsenfeld, the since convicted culprit of #FraudBae has dropped visuals to the new single, #FraudBae under the name, Michael Modern either by smart business acumen or incredibly bad advise. Whatever the case, the lady he defrauded has claimed she enjoys the new followers the infamous incident has garned her on Twitter.

You can watch the new music video here where Michael Modern explains his 'side of the story':

We're all in the hands of God.