Askamaya Global Resources Limited expands to thrive in a dynamic business landscape

Hospitality as a sector is one of the major economic facets in Lagos state. It is important for many reasons, it dictates first impressions, it encourages returnees and it contributes a large part of Lagos’ economic prowess, and identity. And when this industry is concerned, only a few names retain top of mind awareness as much as Askamaya does.

Askamaya Global Resources Limited.

Askamaya Global Resources Limited is a conglomerate that embodies Lagos’ vision of hospitality. Founded in 2015 by Ulom Michael, also known as Mr. Askamaya from Imo State. The Askamaya brand finds its place at the heart of Lagos Island, located in a number of strategic positions that promise easy access. A quick visit to their website reveals that they consider themselves a ‘hospitality and entertainment hub in Nigeria’.

Askamaya Hotel and Suite is the most preferred Hotel in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria with the right mix!

Askamaya Hotel is perfect for both corporate and leisure travellers, thanks to its prime location and easy accessibility. Guests staying in its 60 rooms and executive suites will enjoy modern and chic interiors, plus premium in-room amenities including flat screen TV and much more. A fully equipped Restuarant, Gym, Lounge, Swimming pool and Hair Salon are available for guests who wish to relax and rejuvenate within the comfort of the hotel.

The business is not only limited as a Hotel, their influence extends across lifestyle as well.

Askamaya’s strategic location in one of the world’s major populous city in Africa, Lagos state- Nigeria’s largest city has helped the brand in gaining economic capital as the fastest growing city in the world. Lagos continues to receive an overwhelming number of visitors daily, across state and country lines, with a population of 21 million. No wonder it is being referred to as the MEGACITY.

Babatunde Adejare, Lagos state Commissioner for the Environment in 2017 once revealed that over 6000 migrants enter the city every day. And it is estimated that the figure has spiked since. Quality service can sustain a business in Lagos, but what keeps it thriving is innovation, foresight and a listening ear to the ground. After providing the full hotel experience, Askamaya Hotel extended its services to an iconic Nightclub.

The Askamaya Nightclub stands as a citadel for entertainment in the city and it has been cemented as such through excellent bodies of work like Teni Entertainer’s club anthem, Askamaya; a record that raves parties around the country.

The conglomerate’s influence extends beyond music as well, and has seeped into the city’s culture through various forms of media like Funke Akindele’s movie which is also named after the business. Both works of art tell tales of the luxurious and indulgent lifestyle that Lagos is known for and Askamaya Hotel & Suites embodies that. Over the years, the group’s name bears recognition at first mention and this has only been reinforced by their keen attention to detail, and the unique ambience they provide.

Nightlife in Lagos is almost considered one of Nigeria’s major exports, raking in 600 billion naira per year. The industry contributes directly to the city’s GDP which makes up a third of the country’s revenue by state. It also contributes indirectly as Afrobeats, the country’s major music export would not receive as much promotion in the absence of these entertainment spots. And due to the immense traffic received, the party economy-- money spent on drinks, leisure, the staff employed to provide service. Askamaya, since inception has employed over 1000+ well-trained staff and has helped carve a standard in the hospitality sector in Lagos, and Africa as a whole.

But the Askamaya team refuses to rest on their laurels, they have looked to establish the brand even further to create impact in the entertainment business. In 2019, Askamaya Global Resources Limited founded Askamaya Records, and since then have fielded rising afrobeats stars like Spider Rider to the mainstream of Nigerian music industry. In the words of the management, “After years of providing bespoke services, we always feel like we can do better for our customers and raise the barFelix Ikehi (Record Label Manager at Askamaya Records).”

Taking this into account, the team went on to expand Askamaya’s services beyond just hospitality. In 2019, they added Askamaya Restaurant, Askamaya Lounge, Askamaya Salon and a fully equipped gym for their customers to use and the launch was promoted by TAGET Media. According to Group management at launch, these projects are meant to complement the Hotel’s services and create a sense of self sufficiency that can only be associated only with them.

The Askamaya Group continues to reinvent themselves in Nigeria’s ever dynamic business landscape. After creating lasting impact in the Hospitality, Entertainment and Culture industry, their devotion to customer satisfaction is unchanged.

In a city that rejects a reputation of hospitality, yet depends on it for survival, Askamaya Global Resources Limited cracked the code. They understand the value of feedback as secrets to business success, and it is no surprise that since inception they are committed to go an extra mile in assisting and serving its guests at all times. Their slogan has remained -- Just Ask!

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