It’s so big a problem that during a recent interview with Nigerian superstar, Davido on Power 105.1 radio ‘s The Breakfast Club in New York, American media personality, Charlamagne Tha God joked about the Nigerian penchant for scamming. He also did same while interviewing his friend, DJ Cuppy on his podcast The Brilliant Idiots.

Today, a 20-year-old Nigerian Digital Marketer, Abdul-Qwaiyy ranted about how the antics of Yahoo boys have created a negative reputation for Nigerians in the international business space and across the internet, that real business people now lose real businesses.

Incredibly, he claims he lost a deal potentially worth $425k because of the reputation yahoo boys have forged across the internet, by consistently robbing people of their money.

In the rant via his Twitter account, @HQwaiyy, he writes, “Yahoo boys are destroying the reputation of we Nigerians, doing legit jobs online. Imagine closing a deal with a company on content creation, only to be discovered that you’re Nigerian and the deal is off.

“These idiots are ruining our businesses; losing $425,000/3 months deal because of my nationality and some bad eggs amongst us.”

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Explaining the tweet after it went viral, he writes, “So I was sent this. I guess I should explain what happened. I’m a pro digital marketer cum freelance copywriter. I’m certified globally and I’ve got numerous certificates in my name. So I did what we call prospecting, that’s seeking clients by proffering solution to their issue.

“We had reached a conclusion all via mail and they were impressed that at a young age of 20 I have a lotta of achievements to my belt. Now we had finalized everything & all that was left was a Skype call to seal the deal. We started the call & there were network issues.

“I jokingly said damn, all these Nigerian network wahala and asked that we reschedule the call. Now here’s what was stunning, I got a call saying they can’t continue it because Nigerians have a bad record globally.

“Tried convincing them to no avail, so that was what caused my outburst on here and led to this tweet. I’m a young man with goals, focus, and determination that I will succeed without doing anything illegal. I believe your sweater and integrity with skill sets will take you farther than frauds will.”

In a chat with Pulse, Abdul-Qwaiyy says the matter is disheartening, but he has to move on, quoting Winston Churchill.

He says, “It really is disheartening but it really shouldn’t change our conduct. With no doubt, there are bad eggs amongst us but if we persist with Integrity and great behavior we would excel.

“Win some, lose some. But we fire on, it’s normal in business to face obstacles. says,the ability to fail and keep failing without losing optimism that leads to success.

“I would put in my best to still keep being a good ambassador of the Nigerian Nation.”

This is Nigeria.