Former media aide of ex-Chairman of Skye Bank

In a recent statement, Ayeni's media aide, Ademola Adedoyin denied the arrest of Ayeni over an alleged N1bn bribe to a former Minister of Federal Capital Territory over a land deal.

Adedoyin, the Special Adviser, Corporate Communications to the billionaire businessman disputed the story saying: "Dr Ayeni was invited by the officials of EFCC in his capacity as the Chairman of Aso Loans and Savings Limited, an Abuja based financial/Mortgage company. The company is just one of the several that has Mr Ayeni as chairman".

Speaking further Ayeni's aide said: "Immediately after the session, Mr Ayeni left the EFCC office. Contrary to the report, it was not a Tunde Ayeni thing. It was an institutional transaction. And i can assure you that whatever the issues are have been trashed out between EFCC and Aso Savings.

"Dr Ayeni is a responsible citizen of Nigeria who has contributed, and will continue to contribute to the development of Nigeria in his chosen areas of business- finance,  real estate, oil and gas, and security. He has not less than 20,000 Nigerians working and earning decent living through his companies. It is therefore not fair for a medium to carry such untrue story that can jeopardize the fortune of several companies, and cause unemployment for the workers.

"While Mr Ayeni is working hard in the system to help government solve challenges that the economy of the country is facing, some people still find it convenient to engage in their pull me down syndrome. Contrary to the false report, no former First Lady has any shares or stakes, directly or through proxy, in Dr Ayeni's business concerns.

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I will like to tell Nigerians that these times call for all hands to be at work to move Nigeria forward, not that we should be pulling people down," Adedoyin said.

Ayeni is the key promoter of NATCOM, the owners of ntel as well as the chairman of Aso Loans.