2) HPE Activewear Subscription Try It Out Choose a collection (street style, essentials, or a mix), then pick exactly which items you wantin whatever size and prints you crave. First box, from $150, then $50/month. Courtesy of HPE

3) SweatStyle Try It Out Like discovering new designers? This mixed-brand box is for you. A profile of your fitness routine, body specs, and fabric, fit, and color preferences make sure of it. Pay for what you keep, plus $25. Courtesy of SweatStyle

4) FabFitFun Try It Out FabFitFun is the box for fitness gurus who just want to have fun. For $49.99 each season, you'll get 8-10 premium products. This could include anything from your favorite Kate Somerville sunscreen to those Harper + Ari sugar cubes you've been meaning to try out. Courtesy of FabFitFun

5) Yoga Club Try It Out You're going to want to come out of child's pose for this one. For $79 a month, Yoga Club will send you a curated box each month based on your personalized style quiz. Each box will mix and match from your favorite brands like Teeki, Free People and Nux! Courtesy of Yoga Club

6) Ellie Try It Out Ellie effortlessly combines the world of fitness and fashion. For $39.95 each month you'll select three stylish fitness items, usually a sports bra, top and bottoms. And for an extra $10 a month you can also add a few accessories to your box. Courtesy of Ellie

7) Bulu Box Try It Out Already have one too many leggings? Don't worry, there are plenty of non-clothing fitness subscriptions. Bulu Box offers its subscribers 4-6 items in each of their monthly sets including, healthy snacks, fitness gear, vitamins, energy drinks and more. There's always something new to try out! Courtesy of Bulu Box

8) Buddhi Box Try It Out If you're a true yogi, then you'll love a Buddhi Box. The subscription service sends its users items meant to enhance their mindfulness, from a set of essential oils to vibrant chakra stones. Courtesy of Buddhi Box

9) Wantable Fitness Try It Out Wantable Fitness select seven fitness items for its monthly subscribers ranging from XS-3X. The subscription service will give you five days to try on the items and then applies your $20 styling fee as a credit towards the clothing you want to keep. Simple, fast and stylish. Courtesy of Wantable

10) FitSnack Try It Out For those of you who love to snack, give FitSnack a try. This subscription box is packed with plenty of healthy treats. Each one is selected by the brand's nutritionist to provide customers with GMO-free, high protein, low sugar snack that you'll love. Courtesy of FitSnack

11) Breo Box Try It Out Fitness accessory junkies with love Breo Box. The service provides users with the most unique gadgets in fitness, home, lifestyle, tech and more. There will always be something new to play with! Courtesy of Breo Box

12) Barbella Box Try It Out Barbella Box is an all-in-one fitness subscription service. For $49.99 a month, you'll get a mixture of gear, clothing, nutritional supplements, workout tips and moreall curated for women who love to workout. Courtesy of Barbella

13) Gainz Try It Out Gainz focuses on equipping its customers with the best gear, accessories and tools to accomplish their greatest #fitnessgoals. The subscription service prides itself on $75.00 worth of items in each of their kits. And a monthly subscription costs only $32 plus $7 shipping. Courtesy of Gainz

14) BuffBoxx Subscription Try It Out BuffBox caters to CrossFitters, runners, bikers, and yogis alike, providing each customer with the tools they need to improve their quality of life. The regular service costs only $49.99 a month, as well as tBuffBox Lite for $29.99 a month. Both plans include a donation to a charity of your choice. Courtesy of BuffBoxx

15) Clean.Fit Try It Out Three words: snacks, superfoods and supplements. That's what Clean.Fit is all about. The subscription service curates monthly boxes to be delivered to your door with 6-8 itemsall clean, natural and meant to improve your life. Courtesy of Clean.Fit