People tend to give up on budgeting because they find it hard to make their budget work for them. This is probably because they keep making some budget mistakes.

The year 2018 is going an end with all the budget mistakes you made in it. 2019 is almost here and you need to get your finances right from January.

Here are five budget mistakes you might be making which you should try to avoid.

1. Not having a budget

Save money
Save money

Not having a budget is a great financial mistake. Having no budget makes you live life without having a clear-cut plan for your finances which will likely leave you in financial crises. If you have spent 2018 without any budget, you have a chance to tidy up your finance in 2019.

2. Not tracking your spending

If you don't keep track of your spending, it would be difficult to know if you have reached your spending limit. Start tracking to make your budget work well for you.

3. Leaving out items

One of the most common budget mistakes people make is leaving out items when calculating their expenses for a month. Don't let this disrupt your personal finance in 2019.

Try not to forget items when creating a budget. You can also go back to previous budgets to check what you might have left out.

4. No emergency fund

Why you need an emergency fund
Why you need an emergency fund

Having an emergency fund helps you to pay for things you didn't plan for outside your budget.

Apart from what you budget each month, set aside money for emergency expenses, so you can pay for unexpected expenses without having to worry about your budget.

5. Mistaking wants for needs

There is a difference between wants and needs and don't take them for each other.

Those basic things you can't do without are your needs. However, what you desire or crave for is considered as wants. You can't cut back on your needs, but you can do without your wants. If you don't need some things, it shouldn't be in your budget.