The students are encouraged to register on the platform called LASU Career Development Centre to activate their LASU e-mails and use same to enrol on the LCDC Platform.

The platform is designed to create an avenue for the university undergraduates to groom them on Career Coaching and Mentorship; Employability Skills Acquisition, Professional Networking and Certification, Part-time/Volunteer jobs, Internships and Shadow Interviewing.

Lagos State University
Lagos State University

How to register on LCDC platform

1.   Login to your Course Registration portal to view your LASU official student email address and a default password 

2.    Activate your official email using the default.

3.   Login to to view the LASU Career Development Center home page. Click on "Get Started" or "Login to LCDC" to open the online Enrollment form.

4.   Use your LASU email address to enrol on LCDC Platform.

The University's Information Communication Technology Centre has opened individual official e-mail addresses for students to facilitate the students' registration.