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So long Hugh Hefner! 25 Sexiest ladies ever to grace the Playboy

Not all heroes wear capes, Hugh didn't need one. From men all over the world, we say thank you bringing the hottest women to us naked, rest in peace.

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Props to the guy who has been successful at getting some of the most beautiful women in the world to pose nude, so men and women can ogle them. Glasses in the air for biggest Playboy in the world asides from Solomon.

I mean Solomon did have 700 wives and 700 concubines.

Hugh Hefner is also very close, he did have a mansion where he lived with lots of beautiful women, and people need special invitation to visit.

I would really love to say he’s in a better place now, but if you think about it. Is he? Won’t he like to relocate the mansion to heaven or hell or wherever he is going?

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Thanks for giving men without game the ability to see naked women by just parting away with some cash.

In honour of him and his life, we look back in time to give some of the sexiest ladies who have graced the magazine of all time.

Just a quick question, the man lived for 91 years, which is really a long life. Is it that being unmarried/married and living with lots of young, beautiful ladies can make a man live a long fruitful life?

He will be buried beside Marilyn Monroe who was his first model when the magazine debuted.