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Lola's Slutty Tales Anal session

Holding up his cock with one hand, he grabbed my hips and shoved me hard on him with the other.

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Anal Session

(International Business Times)

Niyi liked it when I served his meals naked. He would moan slightly with approval as I prepare the meals and set the table while completely stack naked. He would watch me intensely, taking in my perky breasts and curvy ass. Every once in a while, he would give me a light spank on the ass as he talked on and on about his day.

I both enjoyed and hated this part. It was quite arousing displaying myself this way for him and it felt good when I saw his erect dick and I knew he was hot for me just by watching me. But I hated the fact that he got off on me waiting for him, and knowing I wanted him. In a way, I felt used and I hate how much I enjoyed that.

Still, every weekend, I would visit him, we would fuck, I would take off my clothes and make his meals, then I would serve him and stand beside him while he ate. This Saturday was no different.

He had sent me some money a few days previously, asking me to get myself new underwear. When I arrived that Saturday, I showed them to him. He picked out one red, lacy panties and asked me to put them on. So, that day, I did not have to go around totally  naked, I wore the panties for him.

Every now and then, he would come to me and slide his hand over my ass through the red panties. He would tug at them gently and heighten my arousal.

Finally, I was done preparing dinner for him that day. He was on the couch and I set the food before him. It was his favourite, jollof rice and fried plantain. He began to eat and I stood dutifully beside him, waiting for him to be done just as he liked me to.

When he was done and I had cleared the plates, he tugged at my hands so I was sitting on his thighs, my back to him. We stayed that way for a while and he caressed my back and kissed my neck. I was feeling very turned on and I wanted more than anything to slide something, anything in my post but I knew he would not like that. So I sat still, tried to calm myself by taking deep breaths.

My breaths got louder and my body was buzzing with need. He wrapped his hands around me and grabbed both my boobs. He gave them both a hard squeeze, causing me to cry out loud. He did that again and again and soon, he pinched both my nipples. I clamped my mouth shut, determined not to make too much noise but he did not want that. The more I tried to hold it in, the harder he pinched and grabbed me until I let out another sharp cry.

He gave a sharp, satisfied sigh and lifted me slightly so he would release his cock. He grabbed the waistband of my panties and yanked them straight down to my ankles. Holding up his cock with one hand, he grabbed my hips and shoved me hard on him with the other. His cock entered my asshole in one move. It was excruciating. He had no lube and he was not gentle. He gripped my waist with both his hands hard and bounced me up and down, ignoring my cries of pain. He had worked himself up all evening like he normally did so thankfully, it did not go on too long. After a few thrusts, he plunged deeply, releasing up my asshole.

I returned to his bedroom with a slight limp and my whole ass on fire. I went straight to the bed and laid down. This time, he did not give me any special, post-torture treatment. He ignored me after my anal assault and left me to myself. I considered masturbating but I knew I would be in big trouble if he caught me. I closed my eyes, hoping he might come over and make things right.