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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny The office adventure with my SS, Bolanle [Part 3]

Still dumbfounding about how this new office works, Lenny has had two blowjobs from his secretary/slut even before he goes for his induction.

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I watched in disbelief as she stood, sticky-breasted and topless, and reached across the desk for a tissue. Carefully, almost tenderly, she cleaned me off before putting my deflated dick away.

"Back in a second," she excused herself brightly before retiring to my office bathroom to wash herself.

She was away for a few minutes which gave me a chance to calm down. If her bra and blouse weren't right there in front of me on my desk, I would have doubted my sanity.

She swayed back in sexily, making no effort to cover her staggering chest.

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"Would like me to stay topless while we go through your schedule for the week, Lenny?" she asked. "Don't worry no-one will disturb us when your office door is closed."

"Oh, well, OK. Why not?" I agreed.

Once more she laughed musically. "You know I was really worried about you for a while. I honestly thought you might not want to get intimate with me. I wouldn't have been able to show my face to the other girls if you had rejected me."

I couldn't really believe what I was hearing. This stunning example of female perfection was sounding like she had been desperate to seduce me. Me? Was I dreaming all of this?

"Still that was fun wasn't it, Lenny?" she asked as she pulled her chair around to show me the printouts from a journal. I nodded dumbly.

For the next half an hour she talked me through who was in my induction plan, what they did and why they were important to me. She explained the company structure - twenty-five partners, all male, with an all female support staff, most of whom took the role of Secretary-Sluts, with all other services outsourced.

I have to say she was excellent. If her bare breasts hadn't been touching my arm as she summarised what and whom I needed to know, I would have just thought her to be an exceptionally competent PA, although a very very attractive one.

Of course I couldn't help staring a little at her breasts. Had I really just cum all over them?

"You can still touch them you know. I think it's understood that if I've got them out then you should be able to do what you want to them within reason."

I jumped, slightly guilty at being caught but then realising she was more than happy with my ogling.

"OK," I replied enthusiastically and I played with them as we finished our conversation. Without doubt, the best toys imaginable, I thought wryly as I tweaked her responsive nipples.

"Right, so you're having lunch with Kazeem John whose office is next door. And then you're spending an hour with him to understand his responsibilities. So that's your schedule done.

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You've got half an hour before lunch and I can see that playing with my boobs has given you another hard-on so would you like me to give your dick a nice soothing suck?"

I had indeed managed to develop another erection—what man wouldn't have done? Even so her directness startled me once more.

"Erm, OK," I managed to squeak.

"I mean, yes please," I repeated slightly more manfully.

"Would you like me to take my skirt off too?" Bolanle asked cheerily.

"Oh,, yes," I replied losing my cool once more.

Her legs were as faultless as her breasts, long and slender, smooth and fit. As a short man, I was fascinated with just how laughable long they were, even after she had kicked off her shoes.

She gave me a twirl to show me that she was wearing a black g-string that matched her bra. "Do you like what you see?" she asked enticingly.

Her arse was perfectly fat, round and looked smooth.

"Oh, yeah," I groaned. I so wanted to touch and squeeze and fondle and caress her beautiful butt.

Bolanle looked back over her shoulder and read my mind. "Go on," she giggled.

It was as softer as I had imagined, her buttocks were like two flawless pillows with the string of her undies disappearing tantalisingly between them.

She turned back and knelt in front of me once more. Within seconds my hard dick was in her cool hand once more. I could feel her breath tickling the end of my dick as she spoke.

"Would you like me to give it a kiss, Lenny."

"Oh, please, yes." I was beyond the point of any thought of control. I had forgotten I was engaged. I had forgotten I was at work. I had forgotten everything except that Bolanle's moist lips were an inch from my dick, pursed in the promise of impending joy.

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Her first kiss felt dry and slightly sticky but it made my dick jerk powerfully in her hand. Her second kiss lingered slightly, teasingly, ending with a flick from her tongue on the very tip of my throbbing erection. Her third kiss slowly slid down over me as her mouth opened out until half my dick was firmly in her mouth.

Then she started to suck. I don't mean a gentle slurping, I mean like she was trying to vacuum my cum out through sucking alone. I groaned in bliss and she smiled up at me encouragingly around her mouthful of dick.

She then proceeded to give me the best blowjob I had ever had by some considerable margin. She planted tiny kisses up and down by dick. She flicked her tongue across my balls and up my shaft. She moved her head up and down, swallowing me with casual ease. She worked my erection like it was the centre of her existence and that there was nothing more that she wanted in her life than to please me using her tongue and mouth.

I'm not sure how long it lasted because I lost all sense of time. I just knew that this was the single greatest experience I had ever had.

I warned her I was about to come and, instead of pulling away as my fiancée did at this stage when she gave me the rare blowjob, Bolanle kindly stuck out her tongue and tossed me until I had covered it with creamy cum. She then sat back on her knee and noisily swallowed.

"Oh," I said lost in wonder at the realisation of this fantasy.

Bolanle laughed. "Well, maybe later! Did you enjoy that, Lenny?"

"Oh, shit, yes. That was just amazing. I mean I've never, ever..." I ground to a halt not knowing how to articulate how I felt.

"Aren't you pleased you said yes? Do I give good head?"

"Oh yes, Bolanle. That was the best blowjob I've ever had."

"Good. Right, you've got a lunch meeting with Kazeem now. I've booked a table in the Executive Dining Room. I'll come with you to introduce you and to make sure you're comfortable."

The Executive Dining Room was as impressive as it sounded, a dozen tables covered in crisp white linen with luxurious oak chairs and a small staff of, as I'm sure you can guess, beautiful young waitresses.

Kazeem was an enormous man. He didn't stand as we shook hands so I couldn't judge his height but he gave an impression of tallness. What I could definitely see though was how wide he was, fat to the point of obesity.

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His voice was also huge. He boomed out a welcome causing the other two diners in the room to smile amusingly and indulgently, obviously used to his liveliness. The more I met the company's people the more it felt like a family.