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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Naive Oluchi babysits the virgin Chike [Part 12]

Oluchi has been quite coy about allowing Chike to have sex with her, but she is letting go, and taking the boy's virginity.

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Chike paused but couldn't help twitching his dick a couple of times eliciting a delicious grunt from Oluchi.

After a minute Oluchi said, "Right. Go on, push more in." Chike recommenced pushing until, with a final jubilant shout, he slid in his entire length up to his pubic hair.

Oluchi was breathing quickly and shallowly through her mouth. "Oh, Chike. You really know how to fill a girl up. Just hold it there for a bit."

"Oluchi, it feels amazing."

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"Good, darling. I aim to please! Now slowly take it out and then back in," she replied.

Gradually Chike worked himself in and out of her, revelling in the astounding feelings coming from his dick. It was like he was being gripped by a velvet glove.

"OK, darling, you can speed up now. I'm used to your big fat dick. That's it, Chike. Fuck my tight arse. Fuck me hard." Oluchi grunted rhythmically as he began to thrust harder.

"Feel me, Chike. Feel me gripping your dick with my arse. Harder, fuck me harder!" Oluchi screamed.

She supported herself with one hand and reached in between her legs to play with her clit, as he began to quicken his strokes.

They continued in this fashion for ten minutes until Chike couldn't hold out any longer.

"Oh, Oluchi, I'm going to come," he exclaimed as he began to quicken his thrusts.

"So am I!" Oluchi cried as her arse squeezed around him convulsively.

Feeling Oluchi come set off his own orgasm; he came frenziedly into her rectum before slowly pulling himself out of her and collapsing beside her.

"Wow," he said.

"Wow, indeed," Oluchi replied with a laugh. "It's a while since I've done that. Enjoy it?"

"Oh, Oluchi. That was amazing. Your aese is just so tight. It's really different to getting a blowjob. But just as good!" he replied.

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"I'm glad it was fun for you, darling! What we'll do this last week is for you try my bum out in lots of different positions. If you close your eyes, it's not different to my pussy really. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be a superb lover!"

Oluchi got up with a wince.

"Are you OK?" Chike asked in concern.

"Yes, darling. Just a little sore but I'll be ready to go again tomorrow. Come to the bathroom with me and I'll clean your dick for you. And if you're up to it, I'll suck you off again as a reward for your successful evening."

Chike wordlessly followed Oluchi, marvelling at his luck. He thought women like Oluchi only existed in fantasies.

But just one more week of her left. Still it was going to be a week in paradise.

"Would you like to fuck me, Chike?"

"Oh, yes," he replied.

"Mmmm. I am sure you’ll like to take your big fat dick and push it into my tight little pussy, you naughty guy."

"Oh, yes, Adanna. Please," he moaned into the phone.

"I'm touching my pussy now, Chike. Let me see if I can slip a finger in to feel if you would fit inside me. Oooh, it's so wet! I'm sure your dick would fit. Are you touching your dick now, Chike? Are you wanking it?"

"Yes," Chike lied, gasping.

"Is it hard?" Adanna breathed huskily down the phone.

"Oh, it's so hard, Adanna," Chike groaned, looking down as Oluchi slowly swallowed his entire length without breaking eye contact.

He had never begun to imagine that a girl as gorgeous as Adanna would possibly have even considered having phone sex with him. But, right at this very moment, she was fingering herself while telling him how she wanted him to fuck her from behind. And it wasn't a dream.

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And that wasn't all.