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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Keeping up with the adventures of slutty Ngozi [Part 2]

Emeka's boss is in their house, asking Ngozi to suck his dick else he will fire her boyfriend the next day. He has been drug, and asleep like in a coma.

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play (Instagram/aundreanarene)

There was a brief stand-off where neither of them moved a muscle. Ngozi was the first to break though. She slowly lowered her waving finger back to her side. Gbenga could see the rapid rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed heavily.

Her movements, or in this case the lack thereof, where enough green light for him to pounce.

He moved swiftly grabbing her by the blouse and ripping it open. Gbenga didn't waste time admiring her white lacy, half cup bra for long. He quickly freed her breasts from each cup and immediately bent down and feasted on one, then the other.

Her warm flesh was as smooth as silk. He was truly in seventh heaven as he sucked hungrily on each of her small, rock hard nipples. He then buried his face in between them and squeezed her soft pillows of flesh around his head.

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Gbenga dragged his tongue from the cleft of her breasts, up over her collarbone and started kissing on her neck. Ngozi gasped and whimpered, unable to hold back the feelings of lust burning through her any longer.

"Get on your knees!" His tone was firm and authoritarian and before she realised what she was doing, Ngozi had lowered herself to the floor and instinctively reached out and began pulling down his trousers.

"Oh I knew you were a slut from the moment I saw you. Suck this dick like the slut you are!"

Ngozi was spontaneous now. She had repressed her cravings for this kind of treatment for so long now. Emeka only ever treated her like a princess, something which got boring very quickly. Just because of the way she looked, society placed her up on this pedestal. But all she ever truly wanted, was to be dragged down off that pedestal and ruthlessly fucked over.

Was it so wrong that she loved to be degraded? Maybe she was a slut? Maybe he was right. All she really knew was that big dicks were her biggest weakness.

After a few pull his dick sprang free. It was longer and thicker than her boyfriend’s, something which made her pussy even wetter, as she imagined what it would feel like filling her up. It was had an angry line of veins and looked painfully hard, already leaking droplets of pre cum.

Gbenga's eyes rolled back in his head as he felt her tongue flick across his sensitive tip. He looked down into her beautiful eyes, and watched her exposed breasts swaying beneath her as she moved. He knew he wasn't going to last long.

So wanting to make the most of it, he grabbed Ngozi's head firmly, and in one thrust, buried his full length into her throat.

Ngozi's eyes widened in shock and she gagged a little. Her expertise at deep throating, which she had proudly gathered with much practise over the years, were tested to their limits. But she took it all in her pride.

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He was soon powerfully thrusting in and out of her mouth with unrestrained enthusiasm.

"Oh yes! Oh god! Suck it baby! Suck my big dick!"

Every time he entered her tight throat, Gbenga let out a deep grunt of lust. He watched in amazement as her plump red lips formed a vacuum around his veiny shaft, sucking hard. It was almost as though she wanted to keep him there, deep in her throat.

"UG! UG! UG! UG! UG!" The sound of Ngozi's gags echoed around the tiny kitchen.

Unfortunately for him it was over all too soon. He reached down and began to squeeze her breasts all over, just as his dick began to twitch and his balls were ready to burst. "OH!  YES!"

He pulled his dick free of her mouth and began to wank it frantically. Seconds later a long jet of cum splashed across Ngozi's face, covering one of her eyes and dripping down her cheek. The next shot plastered across her lips and she opened her mouth to take some onto her tongue.

"UNGH! AH! FUCK!" Gbenga groaned as the last big rope of cum landed on her breasts.

He stared in wonder at the mess he had made all over his employee's girlfriend's stunning face. He gave his dick a few final squeezes and slapped his flaccid tool against her breasts, marvelling at how they rippled with each slap.

"I think you may have just saved your boyfriend’s job my dear."

"I thought you said you would give him a promotion?" Ngozi wiped the sticky mess out of her eye and squinted up at the panting old pervert.

"I think you should stop by my office this week, when the rest of the staff have gone home, of course. Maybe we can discuss terms as far as a promotion goes then."

Ngozi angrily slapped his dick away from her face.

"Men! You're all the same!" The awoken devil inside her knew full well that she was going to be seeing him again though. Now she knew the size of this old man's dick, she knew she had to have it inside her. It was all she was going to think about for the next few days, that was for sure.

She washed her face and chest with a cloth and straightened up her clothing, before walking Gbenga to the door.

"See you on Monday Emeka!" He called out to his unconscious staff member, with a hearty chuckle.

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Just as Ngozi was about to close the door on him, he pulled her out into the hallway and planted a wet kiss on her lips. She didn't kiss him back, but let him briefly thrust his tongue into her mouth before she eventually pushed him away.

"And I'll see you later in the week." He grinned and smacked her ass hard, disappearing down the corridor before she could answer.