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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde Dangerous Addiction [Episode 8]

Ogochukwu has given his consent for his friend Derah to pleasure Ifechi, the two friends share everything but he just blew it all up with a statement.

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I watched in horror as Derah began to undress slowly, his eyes trained on mine, Ogochukwu got up and off me then walked over to his best friend, he stood facing him for a second before he went to the bathroom without a word.

I laid there, dying of embarrassment but not daring to get up, Derah had his hands on his waist looking down at me possibly wondering if he had just made a terrible mistake, then Ogo appeared with baby wipes and a towel.

“Wipe her up, will you” He commanded but his tone was less gruff, you could detect the extreme affection there.

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He leaned against the edge of his desk, and watched as Derah came toward me with a feral like grace, their bodies were similar although Ogo was taller and his dick a lot thicker and longer, but there was something about Derah that made me catch my breath aside from that beautiful angelic face, he had this regality about him that would bring any woman to her knees.

They were so alike and yet so different, how did I not see this before? Did my sister know this when she called us over to her house? My heart began to race as he joined me on the bed and then I felt a sudden jolt when his cool fingers touched my skin, his eyes never left mine as he slowly began to wipe Ogo’s cum off my body.

“Derah, I know you want to do much more than that” I heard Ogo say in a jeering tone. Derah smiled a little then changed the direction of his hands, travelling slowly up my tummy till he reached my breasts where he wiped judiciously, turning my nipples hard and making my breathing slow and laboured. He kept watching me, I don’t know wjhy he did that, it made me both uncomfortable and intrigued.

Soon, the other hand that was free trailed itself down my tummy and parted my legs slightly where it proceeded to enter my wet private place, just one finger dived in and I jerked, he was so gentle, I wasn’t used to gentle, I was used to total ravishment in the most aggressive manner. My body quivered and cringed too when it felt Ogochukwu dent the bed with his presence, he just lay there looking down at me and my eyes stayed on his, a sinister smile covered his lips as he watched my face change into different expressions of pleasure.

He trailed a finger around one taut nipple, fiddling with it smiling more when I gasped, he claimed my lips as they were parted and darted his tongue in and out, blocking all thought from my mind. Derah joined his finger with his lips, gently caressing, gently stroking.

I could no longer take it, my body was erupting in spasms of excitement, Ogo withdrew to look down at me again, that evil smile back on, Derah was expertly bringing tears of joy to my eyes and Ogo was loving every minute of my discomfort.

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I felt some kind of pressure on my lower body that wasn’t letting me move and woke up with a start, to see Derah lying on top of the bottom half of me watching me intently. I rubbed my eyes till they opened and tried to sit up, he shifted to allow me then resumed his position.

We just lay there looking at each other then I laughed soft and quiet because it was so peaceful unlike the flurry of activities always going on around Ogo, and for some reason I did not want to ruin this moment.

“Tell me about you” He said with a warm and comfortable smile. Huh? Where was Ogochukwu and why was Derah acting like this was a normal situation, I voiced as much

“You better get off me before Ogochukwu comes” He smiled, an impish smile that made his beautiful face even more beautiful,

“Ogochukwu was on the first flight to Abuja, so start talking before he gets back” To someone else that would have been a command but it made me giggle – his voice, not as melodious as Ogo’s still caressed my skin and had my pussy in turmoil. His lips began moving low over my naked skin, his mouth was the only part of his body touching me now.

I sighed then shifted to accommodate him, I might as well enjoy this,

“Well, I am a walking contradiction” I said shivering at every touch.

“How so?” He said before his mouth closed around my nipple, his tongue then lapping at it slowly, gently. The sensation sending thrills lower in my body, making it clench with expectation, growing wet and hot

“I hate the heat, love the cold, but then I like to take hot showers and baths” He swapped to the other breast kissing his way up in between, using his knee to spread my thighs so he could bring his legs between mine still he kept his body away from mine letting only his mouth kiss me.

I almost groaned out loud in frustration, I longed for the body heat, I wanted to touch him too, jeez what is wrong with me?

“Keep going” He coaxed with a whisper, I was finding it really hard to concentrate so I just said the first things that came to mind.

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“I’m patient but I want everything finished now. I love beaches but I hate the sand and the sun, I hate crying but I think that’s when my eyes are the most beautiful, I am not into girls at all but I love Ifueko and enjoy her physically” I felt him smile around my breast as he continued sucking gently.

“I don’t trust anyone but somehow I trust that Ogo would always keep me safe and protected and possibly happy” Derah growled low in his throat at that one and it was my turn to smile, he started moving down my abdomen, slowly kissing and licking me all the way.

“I don’t want to be anywhere near you as it might cause a friction between you two but I want you so badly all the same” he smiled against me again

“I hate being hurt but I like sex to be rough and aggressive and gentle and intimate all the same” He looked up at me then lowered his head to kiss me again, he used his tongue to spread my labia, to coax my pearl to harden making my insides clench. His eyes stayed locked on my face as his hands came to my hips then slid his tongue inside me, he worked his hands gently and slowly making the pressure build gradually.

My hands tangled in his soft neat afro, my pelvis ground against his mouth and my breath caught in my throat, the fearless way he took each lip separately into his mouth and sucked it gently had the hairs of my skin standing and my heart racing, I cried out his name, he was literally the only one that didn’t fear Ogochukwu and that tugged at my heartstrings a little.

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Derah gave my pearl one more lick then closed his mouth over it, he kept sucking at it, taking me over the edge.

His fingers digging into my hips to hold me in place while I wriggled and pushed against him, my body was trying to climb up the bed away from the onslaught of his tongue and the pleasure it was giving me. When I had relaxed, he kissed his way back up my body, taking my mouth in his for a long deep kiss.

When he released my lips, he looked me in the eye like he did that day we met then he lowered his body finally to mine, positioning the head of his swollen cock at my now very wet and slippery entrance. He stayed there like that not entering me, just staring down at me.

“You’re not done telling me about yourself” he said I was still catching my breath, I leaned forward and kissed his neck and started to push myself over him, he moaned but his hands caught my hips and held them in place. “Talk” he said gently yet forcefully, this was a voice of a leader but where he was leading me I wasn’t sure I could follow, when I didn’t say anything he said

“He will never love you back, you know” I stilled at this as he bent to kiss my neck, I was speechless, I couldn’t breathe, one minute my body burned with a fire that wanted him so bad and the next minute I was revolted.

“Get out” My voice was like steel but a tear still managed to escape one of my eyes.