If having sex with your partner gets boring, you should do something about it. 

Once you stop having sex, it’s only a matter of time before one of you get sexually aroused by someone else, which will lead to obsession. If you’ve been having a hard time getting hard or wet down there, use these erotic tips to end that dry spell and bring sexy back into lovemaking.

1. Stay happy

If you’re not happy, sex can be rather stressful and boring. If you’re going through a dry spell, talk to each other about it the next day. Communicating about other stressful issues in each other’s lives that may be causing the dry spell will be helpful. By doing this, you’re making your partner feel understood.

2. Don’t pressure each other

If your partner’s not able to stay in the sexy mood for as long as it takes, don’t put more pressure on your partner to perform. It’ll only make sex feel more like a pain than anything else. So, try to change the conversation, or cuddle up, or use your hands to complete what your privates couldn’t. 

3. Watching porn together will help

Porn is still enjoyable for both sexes. If you and your partner have had to endure a sexual dry spell for a while, get into bed together and watch a few porn movies with a decent plot. It’ll keep both of you engrossed and wet. 

4. Stay away from sex for a month

You may have had a dry spell for longer than a month, but by banning sex, you make it taboo and more exciting. Use the other tips, but avoid having sex with each other. Soon enough, the sexual tension and excitement will rekindle in your relationship.

5. Go clubbing

Have a few drinks, and step on the dance floor and grind each other. Clubs always make people feel sexy and aroused. Dance against each other and move your bodies along each other. It’ll involuntarily arouse both of you enough to want to drive back home and have sex at the doorstep. 

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