Greatness is the summation of all the things an artist achieves in his career. In this context, an artist can be great, but it doesn’t mean that they are.

Does ability always equate greatness?

Once in a while, when you are a MI Abaga, Wizkid or Tuface Idibia, yes. But ability has little or nothing to do with greatness. A lot of talented people do good things in their careers, yet never truly transcend to the level of greatness. Equally, some people who aren’t prodigiously talented like D’banj achieve greatness with what their music achieves.

Why do people usually equate ability to greatness?

Preference and that is human sentiment. Humanity likes blowing up the achievements of things it likes to unrealistic levels. People also don’t understand how to separate their sentiment from fact. Your dislike for an artist doesn’t negate their greatness.

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