Artist: A-Q

Song Title: Hmmm

Genre: Trap

Date of release: July 8, 2019

Album: God's Engineering

Producer: TBA

Label: 100 Crowns 

Video Director: Patrick Ellis

Details/Takeaway: Fresh off being named one of the hottest rappers 2019 (so far), and in preparation for his scrapped album, God's Engineering, Nigerian rapper, A-Q is back with new single, 'Hmmm...'

The single comes on the heels of two loosies so far in 2019. With a brilliantly edited video, A-Q cynically addresses issues from Lagos traffic, to his upcoming album, God's Engineering, to the struggles of being a rapper in Nigeria and the controversial style of the alte demographic. 

He feels 'alte' has now become a camouflage for weak lyricism and a dearth of content.

On bouncy trap beat, A-Q repeats the Nigerian subtext, 'Hmmm...' which is used for everything from endorsement, to cynicism, awkward silence and even intentional avoidance of topics.

While hinting that God's Engineering is his last album, A-Q also hinted the album will be controversial as he has a lot to get off his chest and has nothing to lose.

You can watch the video below;