Legends of the Summer is Meek Mills first body of work since his return from prison, and he is channelling his trying times into inspirational moments.

It has been a trying couple of years for Meek Mill, as after a controversial ruling in November in which he was sentenced to two to four years in prison for violating his probation and spending months behind bars, the rapper finally regained his freedom on April 24.

The Hip-hop community identified with one of their own and stood up to his defense with the likes of Jay Z, Rick Ross and T.I sending their heartfelt messages to the rapper.

Now he is out and Meek Mill just wants to get back to rapping, making 'Legends of the Summer', a celebration of some sorts as Meek is grateful for freedom regained.

The 4 track body of work packs a number of guests as Meek Mill sets out to achieve several things and he hits home successfully on all scores.

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The EP serves as a reminder of what he is about and a quick fix-in-the-gap for the lost time prison may have created, 'Legends of the Summer' also aims to curate his recent experiences, win sympathy and capitalize on the moment and on all counts, Meek Mill comes through.

He starts his legendary walk with Millidephia alongside producer Swizz Beatz, which is his anthem dedicated to his city, Philidelphia, a city he claims he runs.

Meek Mill deploys the opening track to touch on his freedom and declares he is an icon living, aggressively attacking the beat, Meek Mill sets the tone of the album with as much energy and biblical references that any fan of the Philly rapper has come to expect.

''They was screaming "Free Meek!, now Meek free, judge tryna hold me (talk to 'em), remember back when I was dead broke, pretty bitches, they ain't even know me (zoom)''.

'Dangerous' is smooth fused with grit as singers Jeremih and PnB Rock open the track with some heavenly vocals while there is a softer edge to the way Meek laces his rhymes on this, on ''1 am'', Meek Mill reworks the old strategy that has worked for him in the past as he delivers a party anthem.

The fire gets hotter on the final track, 'Stay Woke' featuring Miguel, as he stands in the centre of the stage and seizes attention with his delivery and experiential lyrics.

Stay Woke is the entire reason why this project was recorded, the life of the project and the talking point where Meek precisely speaks on political issues and his time behind bars.

''We scream, 'Black Lives Matter', but we toting ladders, In a world where Black is wrong and white right, it's like a combat, We go to war for our freedom, they say we equal''.

'Legends of the Summer EP' is raw, at times emotional, and packs the energetic force that has made Meek Mill the artist he is today, that young rapper who doesn't get named amongst the greats but has earned his respect, the rapper from Philly who has gone to war against one of the untouchables in Drake and despite not winning, has resurfaced unscathed.

The project is just four tracks, which makes it really hard to critic, but in 13 minutes, Meek Mill is able to take us through his journey, remind us of the rapper who he once was and stay concise with his message.

As it stands,  Meek is winning, he has the public behind him and his continuous upturn of a loss or setbacks into a victory song is a major strength.

'Legends of the Summer' infers that something greater is in the offing from this rapper, who just don't know how to stay down and with every song, he is confirming that indeed with focus and persistence, maybe someday, the Meek shall inherit the earth.

Rating: 3.5/5


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