The late Paul Walker will have a private funeral where his family and the Fast & Furious cast and crew will be part of the brood. Reports confirm that the actor’s funeral will be by invitation only but a larger memorial will later hold.

According to TMZ, close family sources said yesterday, that the family prefers a small and quiet funeral because 'they don’t want a bunch of strangers surrounding' Paul’s 15 year old daughter Meadow who is completely devastated over the loss. "She needs to feel comfortable to grieve," they said.

Meanwhile, Paul Walker Snr father to the diseased personally invited the Fast & Furious cast and crew because he felt the 'folks are grieving just like them' [family], and the funeral may likely help them cope with their pain.

"He [Paul Walker] was with them a lot and bonded with most of them like family," father disclosed to TMZ.

It remains unclear when the funeral will take place but sometime after the funeral there will be a larger memorial, but still by invitation only [TMZ confirms]

However, valid photos have surfaced online showing the actor, Paul Walker and the driver Roger Rodas leaving the Santa Clarity Charity car show, just minutes before the crash that killed them all. Paul seemed to had been in a great mood as seen laughing and smiling in the passenger seat of the car.  It's a jarring look into the final moments of the actor's life - especially the juxtaposition of the gleaming red sports car ... and the fiery wreck it became just minutes later.

Paul Walker died from a devastating car crash in Los Angeles on November 30.