The new episode features Akah alongside Makida Moka. In this new episode, Akah recounts how he kissed his crush Seyi Shay, at Ikeja City Mall, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Summary of episode by Akah;

"Mark Zuckerberg came to Nigeria! And it was the best kept secret in the whole universe. The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu buhari, did not even know Zuck was coming! Mark Zuckerberg later went to Kenya then returned to nigeria to see the President of Nigeria. I'm sure the President said please I want to see Facebook oh, let my grand children see facebook.Well, he met a lot of celebrities and entrepreneurs also. We don't know the main reason why he came to Nigeria, but we do know that its about to go down! Something is brewing in the mind of that billionaire.Anyway, "I was so burnt that i was not in the meeting with him. I was so pained! Makida and I have come here to talk about the whole situation and also speak about Jidenna (Makida's secret lover) coming to Nigeria, doing a media tour, and doing a concert." - says Akah.Akah Nnani recorded this episode of Akah Bants on the Ikoyi-Lekki bridge because its the same place that Mark walked on.. well, ran on and also Jidenna (For Makida's benefit)."

The last episode of vlog featured Akah alongsideMakida Moka, discuss how the former kissed his crush, Seyi Shay.