I finally made it to work o! Thank God. After four hours of swimming in the flood, I am at the office in Lekki.

Last weekends rain was something else. I was nearly scared that it was the end of the world but I remembered that the good Lord said that he would not destroy the world with water again. If we dont take time Lagos will be soon a floating city.

So what news is floating about? So, Nollywood actress Moyo Lawalsays the press should give her a break. This is very laughable. Baby girl you need the press. As a matter of fact, most of the things you do is to attract attention. Don't act like all the buzz you are getting isn't too boost your profile. If the press gets off your case no one will know you. As a matter of fact, you should be thankful for all the attention you are getting. It's not like all your movies are...anyway onto other things.

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Let's go overseas now. Over the weekend, Drakeerected a billboard for his new girlfriendRihanna. Hmmm...yeye dey smell. Wait, just hold on. Before you call me a bad belle, let me explain. Now, love is a good thing but when one person loves the other person more then there is trouble. Drake has been doing all the loving in this relationship, while Rihanna is still dragging leg on making the relationship official.

This is how guys get their hearts broken. You fawn over a girl who has had issues and when you've gone far into the relationship she will wake up one day and say she is leaving you for her ex-boyfriend. Hello, Chris Brown. Well, when Rihanna breaks his heart I trust Drake to deliver a fire album.

Let's leave the Yankee guys alone and talk about our own. Tonto Dikeh has come again o! Since she got married and gave birth, she has been gushing everywhere and celebrating her husband and son. If her baby boy smiles she will write a long Instagram post about it. If her husband wakes up and prays, she will gush about it.

I don't want to sound like a bad belle today but aunty Tonto Dikeh should calm down. I am more than happy that she is happy but she should chill on the Instagram posts. We get it, you are happily married and with a child. It's time to move on. Please, we are begging.

Our Igbo brother Jidenna will be coming to the country, Nigeria. He is welcome back. I can't wait to see our celebs famz him to death.