He is Nigeria’s biggest R&B star. He is also one of Nigeria’s successful music label owners after launching the careers of Wizkid and Skales.

The ladies love him, but it seems the brands love him more. Banky W has several endorsements making him one of the most valuable music personalities in the country.

Banky W (who raps and directs music videos these days) is an exciting talent to watch.

In today’s quiz we want to know how much you know about Mr. Capable.

1) Banky W is engaged to

a) Andrea Giaccaglia

b) Niyola

c) Dencia

d) None of the above

2) The ‘W’ in Banky’s name stands for

a) Wemimo

b) Winner

c) Wellington

d) Wisdom

3) Which secondary school did Banky W go to?

a) Corona Secondary School

b) Home Science Association Secondary School

c) Command Secondary School

d) Brightland College

4) Banky W is a cancer survivor

a) True

b) False

5) What star sign is Banky W?

a) Pisces

b) Aries

c) Taurus

d) Leo


1)D, 2)C, 3)B, 4)A, 5)A

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