On Wednesday, August 10, 2016, Nigerian singer


Fortunately or unfortunately the photo was seen by on-air-personality and social critic Freeze a day later. As usual the controversial media personality had to give his own views about it. "Nigerian entertainers, we can do things for the gram!!! Choi ! ! ! Inside this 'HOT' prayer, someone still remembered to take picture? Life for us in Nigeria has become one huge reality show!" wrote Freeze.

The Cool FM OAP veteran has a point here. Charity is not a bad thing but when private moments of human kindness and generosity is exposed for clicks and likes then you begin to question the motives of some people. Are they doing it because they care or just for the 'gram?

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From a personal point of view, doing deeds of charity is not bad, and raising awareness for a charitable cause is not bad either but when some moments are show on Instagram and it does not inspire people to join in on a cause then you begin to wonder.

Sharing a photo of widows praying for you doesn't achieve anything really apart from likes on Instagram. It all boils down to showing off and grandstanding. The Duncan Mighty photo feels like a private movement and sharing it on social media throws the narrative of.

Not to be all righteous but pardon me to quote from the Good Book. Since Nigeria is a religious country it is only right to pick a verse for this particular topic. In 1st Timothy 5:3 it says "Honor widows who are truly widows" but the bible also says "Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven" in Matthew 6:1. So even the Bible preaches charity with responsibility.

There is no point for showing off selfless deeds on social media apart from grandstanding. Unless a celebrity is raising public awareness for a cause sharing photos of charity drives is just playing to the gallery. It's not a crime to care for widows but you can do that without showing off for the 'gram.