Yesterday (September 23), Afrobeat act Seun Kuti placed curses on Nigerians who support corrupt Nigerian standing trial.

Using his Facebook account Seun Kuti wrote "Any Nigerian that defends any politician being persecuted will suffer for the rest of his life and the remainder will pass on to their next generation. Any one that complains that justice is selective and hasn't complained before when real innocent ordinary Nigerians are thrown in kirikiri for years without trail will never have a thing positive attached to their lineage. In the name of our ancestors. Ashe !!!!"

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Some people felt this was a little bit heavy handed so we decided to put a poll up. In the poll we asked readers if it was right for Seun Kuti to curse supporters of corrupt poiticians. 24 hours later a majority of 58.6% agree with Seun Kuti's curse on the supporters of corrupt politicians. 40.0% believe he has no business in cursing people, while 1.4% were indifferent.

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Seun Kuti is in the habit of making controversial statements. If you want to read his other controversial statements then click here.

See Pulse TV video below for more on singer.