The tale of model, Olajumoke Orisaguna and her journey to stardom remains one of the most inspirational event of the year 2016.

Her story is one that borders on sheer luck and how success does not necessarily come from hard work.

She was discovered by chance when she accidentally photo-bombed a live photo session of TY Bello, a renowned photographer.

The latter was taking pictures of British rapper, Tinie Tempah, as he prepares to feature on the cover of ThisDay Style.

None of the parties involved knew that the event will later form the catalyst for a future star. One that is undeservedly of her position to be frank.

In an exclusive interview with Pulse TV, Orisaguna finally digs deep into her emotional fort to narrate what has been an unexpected journey to fame.

She did this with a bit of difficulty as she tried to keep the tears from falling off her eyes.

Two names that kept on recurring in her speech were TY Bello and Sujimoto.

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The model appeared to be beyond grateful due to the roles the pair have played in her life transformation.

She said, "Ever since all of these started, the major people I have seen are TY Bello and Sujimoto. So the two of them have been taking care of me and the children.

"Anything I need, they do for me.

"TY Bello is like my mother in Lagos. Sujimoto is like my father in Lagos.

"May God bless them. May God lift them up more than he he already has."

The model has enjoyed ambassadorial position with some top business brands in Nigeria.

She speaks highly of the likes of Payporte, Stanbic IBTC, Shirley's Bakery and once again, Sujimoto.

According to her, these organisations helped her handle some of her financial responsibilities. Especially the school fees of her children.

"I am an ambassador for Payporte. I am an ambassador for Shirley's Bakery in Abuja. They have all been nice to me.

"Those who have helped me... Stanbic IBTC paid my children's school fees. Two of my children.

"Uncle Sujimoto also pays me a salary every month. I do not do anything for them."

Bringing the year 2016 into retrospect, Orisaguna was immensely grateful for the opportunity she had.

It is a far cry from where she was in the previous year.