Since the news broke of Linda Ikejis pregnancy, there has been a lot of talk from different quarters.

It even became a trending topic on social media with some congratulating the soon to be mum while others felt she betrayed the young ladies who look up to her since she preached celibacy until marriage.

However, here are all you need to know about Linda Ikeji's famous pregnancy

1. The news breaks about her pregnancy

The news of Linda Ikeji's pregnancy was initially announced by her younger sister, Laura who took to her Instagram page on Sunday, May 20, 2018, to share the good news.

"See who's gonna be a mummy. Congrats Lin @officiallindaikeji" wrote Laura Ikeji on her Instagram post. In the photo, Linda Ikeji can be seen rocking a baby bump.

Linda Ikeji then took to her blog where she wrote a very long epistle on how she was super excited about the pregnancy. She went to share how she first discovered she was pregnant at the beginning of the year. She also spoke about her love for children.

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"There’s something about me that I have never talked about publicly before and that’s the fact that I love children so much (I took that from my dad), and I am particularly obsessed with babies, and I mean that literally. Their pureness, innocence, little beautiful faces, tiny hands and soft cheeks make me just want to be around them," she wrote.

2. Linda Ikeji comes under fire for getting pregnant before marriage

Just when we all thought Linda was still basking in the euphoria of her pregnancy, some people began to troll her on social media for what they perceived as a betrayer to her fans especially young ladies who look up to her.

According to them, she was being backlashed for her double standards after she preached about women remaining celibate until marriage. Linda in her defense said she never preached celibacy until marriage rather she said women shouldn't give their body for money.

3. The baby bump trick

A lot of fans where shocked when the news of Linda's pregnancy broke, however, some wondered how she was able to keep the baby bump away from the prying eyes of the public.

Linda obviously knew her fans wanted answers as she took to her Instagram page on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, where she shared with fans on how to hide a baby bump.